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About Roland Headphones

Roland headphones offer crystal clear sound quality with a lightweight design that makes for great comfort with accurate sound reproduction that's suitable for a number of uses.

Headphones in the RH range are designed specifically for monitoring instruments. The Roland RH-300, RH200BK and RH-5 headphones are all excellent not only for monitoring electronic drums, synthesizers and digital pianos, but also acoustic and analog instruments in a recording studio environment. Roland RH-300V V-Drums Headphones which are designed to cater for the extremely wide frequency response produced by an electronic drum kit and enhance the sound to make for the optimum electronic drums playing experience.

Roland has collaborated with the acclaimed V-MODA brand to create the M-100 AIRA Headphones. Designed for monitoring electronic music, the M-100 headphones are excellent for producing electronic music and for use when DJing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Headphones

Question: Are the Roland CS-10-EM binaural microphones headphones?
They can be used as headphones, but their intended use is as microphones. You simply wear them like headphones and connect them to a portable recorder like a Roland R-07 to capture a stereo recording from a first person perspective and can get instant playback of your audio through the headphones/microphones. This a technique popular in field recording for film and TV sound and sample libraries.
Question: What's the frequency response of the M-100 AIRA Headphones?
The M-100s have an extremely wide frequency response of 5–30,000 Hz that offers a clear sound that doesn't distort on very low sub basses and extreme higher frequencies.
Question: What's the most affordable set of Roland headphones?
The most affordable are the RH5 headphones, ideal for monitoring electronic and acoustic instruments as well as for general listening. They are probably the best quality affordable headphones available.