Solar Guitars Gig Bags

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About Solar Guitar Gig Bags

Solar Guitar Gig Bags offer fantastic, reliable protection specifically designed to fit your Solar Guitars. Solar cases ensure your axe always gets to the venue and home again in original condition.

These gig bags are built tough from robust Cordura material with thick padding and useful accessory pockets. They are designed to fit a specific range or series of ranges of Solar guitars, so check out the selection to ensure you get the right gig bag for you.

Why Should I Choose a Solar Guitar Gig Bag?

  • Built tough from high quality materials
  • Offers your Solar guitar fantastic protection while being lightweight
  • Built to perfectly fit specific series or ranges of Solar guitars

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Guitars Gig Bags

Question: What types of instruments do Solar make gig bags for?
Solar make gig bags for guitars, and in particular are designed to fit specific models or ranges of Solar guitar.
Question: Can I use a Solar gig bag for any guitar?
Solar gig bags are designed to fit specific models and ranges of Solar Guitars. If you've any queries, feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff instore, online or by phone!
Question: What ranges are Solar gig bags available in?
Solar gig bags are available to fit a host of Solar guitars, including their super popular AS, E and V series.
Question: Are Solar gig bags water resistant?
Solar gig bags are built tough from robust Cordura material, so may be splash proof, but please note Solar gig bags are not explicitly stated as being water resistant, so take care out there.