Squier Bass VI

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About Squier Bass VI

The Squier Bass VI is Squier's incarnation of this legendary Fender instrument. The Fender Bass VI was the secret weapon of many an artist and producer since its introduction in the 60's, tuned just like a regular 6-string guitar - but down a whole octave! This gave it a warm but defined sound that just wasn't like conventional long scale 4 string basses, or even baritone guitars. It was its own beast and made it into the armoury of players as diverse as Jack Bruce of Cream, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, and Robert Smith of The Cure, as well as countless old school country recordings.

The Squier Bass VI delivers this legendary instrument to the masses with outstanding build quality and all the right features, like the short 30" scale, vintage style floating tremolo, and singlecoil pickups built to really translate the extended low end of this guitar.


Why Should I Choose a Squier Bass VI Guitar?

  • The perfect bridging instrument for guitarists dabbling in bass
  • Keeps the same tuning intervals as a regular guitar, so all chords and positions are the same
  • Unique tone unlike any other guitar or bass
  • Gives you an extra array of sounds and tones over any other style of guitar or bass
  • Built to the outstanding levels of quality and value of all Squier bass guitars

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Bass VI

Question: Is a Squier Bass VI any good?
Yes! Built to Squier's outstanding level of quality control, you're getting a well made instrument at a great price.
Question: Which artists play a Squier Bass VI guitar?
Artists spotted weilding a Squier Bass VI include Andrew bailey of DIIV, Daniel Garland of Phoxjaw and Josh Finerty of Shame.
Question: What strings does a Squier Bass VI guitar use?
Squier Bass VI guitars come fitted with a set of Fender Nickel Plated Steel strings, in gauge .024 - .084. These are a proprietary string set built to balance the Bass VI's low tuning with its short scale length.
Question: Can you play chords on a Squier Bass VI?
Yes, absolutely! Fingerings on a Bass VI are just the same as on a standard tuned guitar, so all your usual chords are right there, with the added roundness and richness from the down-tuning and thicker strings.
Question: What pickups are in a Squier Bass VI?
The Squier Bass VI comes rigged with a trio of Fender Designed Alnico Single-coil pickups that give you a wide array of unique tones on this already unique instrument.