JHS 3 Series

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About JHS 3 Series

The JHS 3 Series sounds too good to be true: handmade American pedals that are supremely affordable! These are ideal for experimenting with pedals for the first time or for filling any gaps on the board.

The JHS 3 Series boasts 7 models: fuzz, overdrive, distortion, chorus, reverb, delay and a compressor. Each pedal sounds magnificent. The reverb is lush, the chorus is wide, the overdrive is smooth - sounding every bit in keeping with what we’ve come to expect from JHS Pedals.

How come they’re so cheap? What’s the catch? Well, JHS Pedals have cut out all the non-essential stuff. Each pedal has the same three-knob and toggle-switch. This means JHS don’t have to have a range of custom enclosures, so the control of each effect is whittled down to the bare essentials. There’s also no fancy artwork eating into the budget; even the boxes are stripped back!

Why Choose the JHS 3 Series?

  • Boutique pedals on a budget
  • 7 pedalboard staples
  • Amazing tones!

Frequently Asked Questions about JHS 3 Series

Question: Where are JHS 3 Series pedals made?
You’d be forgiven for thinking that the JHS 3 Series pedals were made in the Far East due to their affordability. In fact, like all JHS Pedals, they are handmade in Kansas City, Missouri!
Question: Do JHS 3 series pedals use batteries?
Each JHS 3 Series pedal can be powered via either battery or centre-negative 9v adaptor, whichever you prefer!