The Loar Mandolins

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About The Loar Mandolins

The Loar Mandolins deliver a range of high-quality mandolins across a range of price points. Named after the visionary Lloyd Loar, The Loar Mandolins are exceptional hand-crafted instruments. Strict attention has been paid to the quality, resources and each individual component of these mandolins. The result is a range of wonderfully responsive and soulful instruments. The Loar Mandolins sound incredible and play even better.

Why Should I Choose The Loar Mandolin?

  • Beautifully crafted
  • Range of styles and prices
  • Stunning design
  • Great playability

Frequently Asked Questions about The Loar Mandolins

Question: Who makes The Loar mandolins?
The Loar are responsible for hand-crafting all of their unique mandolins.
Question: Are The Loar mandolins good?
Yes. The Loar mandolins are very good. Each mandolin is hand-crafted with careful attention to detail resulting in very solid instruments that are exceptional for their price.
Question: Where are The Loar mandolins made?
The Loar mandolins are made in China to a very high quality.