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About Vibramate

Vibramate music products deliver a range of accessories and solutions for fitting old school Bigsby and Bigsby-style vibrato systems to a whole host of guitar styles. Proudly made in the USA, Vibramate bring you products for fitting these systems to your existing, non-vibrato guitars without any additional drilling, including the V5-TEAS-1 for fitting in place of your American Telecaster bridge, the V5 Original for fitting to your Les Paul style guitar, and the V5 Short Tail for adding a Bigsby to guitars with large scratchplate like the Gibson SG.


Why Should I Choose Vibramate?

  • Wide range of products
  • Highly innovative solutions for old-school style vibrato systems
  • Products to help you fit Bigsby and Bigsby style systems to almost any guitar

Frequently Asked Questions about Vibramate

Question: Who are Vibramate?
Vibramate are the producers of some of the finest after market old-school style vibrato systems and related accessories for a range of electric guitar styles.
Question: What do Vibramate produce?
Vibramate produce a range of accessories for fitting old-school, Bigsby-style vibrato systems to a range of guitars.
Question: Are Vibramate products any good?
Absolutely! Vibramate music products are all proudly made in the USA, delivering elegant and innovative solutions for your old-school style vibrato systems, all made from the very highest quality materials.