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About Vox Bass Amps

Vox bass amps cater to bassists looking for excellent small combos to practice, jam and record with. All of the expertise that goes into the iconic Vox guitar amps is used on these handy and effective amps. Vox bass amps include the affordable and classically styled Pathfinder combo as well as the modern, feature-laden Adio Air combos.

Vox amps are the go-to choice of countless top musicians and their bass combos offer lots of authentic tone and modern features like bluetooth connectivity, amp modelling and onboard effects. These are indispensable for lots of creative reasons. Try one today at your local guitarguitar store: as major UK Vox dealers, we have the bet stock of Vox amps in the country!

Frequently Asked Questions about Vox Bass Amps

Question: Which Vox bass amp do I want to choose if I need Bluetooth features?
For bluetooth, go for the Vox Adio Air BS. Download the 'Tone Room' app and you're all set!
Question: Do any Vox bass amps have built in drum sounds for playing along to?
Yes! Check out the Vox AC2 Rhythm Vox Bass amp: it is a small 2w bass combo with 81 built in rhythm patterns to play along to. Just dial in your tone, pick your groove and get playing: nothing could be easier!
Question: What is the Amplug 2 Bass?
The Vox Amplug 2 Bass is a personal headphone amp for bassists. This ultra-compact device plugs into the output jack of your bass. You connect your headphones (any standard headphones with a small 'phone' jack will do fine) into the Amplug and enjoy practising in private with a deep and rich bass tone.