Yamaha Ukuleles

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Yamaha Ukuleles

The Yamaha GL-1 is a unique instrument: half guitar and half ukulele! This original design has six nylon strings on a body that is similar in size to a baritone ukulele! What a great idea! If you already play guitar then the GL-1 will pose no problems for you to get around: you'll be playing your favourite songs, Hawaii- style straight away! Available in a range of finishes, this marvelous instrument is a great addition to any instrument collection. You'll find the Yamaha GL-1 in the acoustic section of every guitarguitar UK based store! Visit us and try one out or just go for it and buy one here online!

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Ukuleles

Question: What is the Yamaha GL-1 tuned to?
The yamaha GL-1 is tuned to the same relative intervals as a guitar but in the key of A, therefore the tuning is as follows, low to high: A-D-G-C-E-A.
Question: What is the scale length of the Yamaha GL-1?
The Yamaha GL-1 has a scale length of 17".
Question: What woods are used in the making of the Yamaha GL-1?
The Yamaha GL-1 is made from layered laminates of Spruce for the top and locally sourced tonewood (often Meranti) for the back and sides.