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About Bose PA Systems

Bose PA systems are loved for their premium quality, versatility and ease of use. Unique for being designed to fit specific uses, Bose PA systems are available in a range of styles from the portable S1 and L1 systems to the powerful F1 speakers, Bose PA systems have been engineered to suit every performer. Whether you're a solo acoustic performer, jazz or rock band, or are looking to install a system in a music venue or theatre, there is a Bose PA system available to cater to your needs. Bose PA systems are also incredibly easy to work with and are unique in how they evenly fill a room with sound rather than blast sound forward, the result is a system that lets you load in and set up, without the need for extensive sound checks.

What Makes a Bose PA System Different?

  • Professional sound quality
  • A PA System from Bose is easy to use
  • Portable

Frequently Asked Questions about Bose PA Systems

Question: Which Bose PA system is right for me?
It depends on what size of venues you play. The S1 Pro is great for busking and intimate gigs. Options like the L1 Pro 16 are ideal for playing rooms up to a few hundred people.
Question: Can I use more than one Bose Portable PA system at one time?
Yes. You can chain them together via the Line Out and Line In connections. Alternatively, you can use a mixing desk and connect to as many as you like. We’ve seen as many as 8 used at the same time!
Question: Are Bose PA systems any good?
Yes, whether it's for solo performer or band performances, theatre or presentations, Bose portable PA systems deliver incredible sound quality with ease.
Question: Are Bose PA systems good for music?
Yes, Bose systems are commonly used for professional music installations.
Question: Is a Bose PA system worth it?
Yes, if you select the right system for your use, you'll sound incredible.