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About Boss EQ Pedals

Boss EQ pedals give you lots of creative control over your guitar, bass or any other instrument. EQ pedals work by letting you boost or cut a range of specific frequencies via a row of slider switches on the front panel of the pedal.

EQ pedals can be used in a diverse range of situations: as a solo boost; as a way of compensating between differing volume levels of various guitars; as a tone shaping device and lots more!

EQ pedals are very useful utilities to have at your disposal when you need them and the Boss GE-7 is one of the most popular choices by musicians of all styles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss EQ Pedals

Question: How can I use a GE-7 pedal to match up volumes between my Strat and my Les Paul?
It's relatively straightforward: bring the volume up a little and boost both the low end and the mids, being careful about how much of both you add! This is to give the Strat the same relative characteristics as the Les Paul and avoid the dreaded volume drop that occurs when changing between guitars with differing outputs. The Strat will still sound very much like a Strat, it'll just have a smoother sonic transition with the Les Paul which has a naturally wider and louder sound.
Question: Can I use an EQ to sound heavier?
Yes, definitely! Use the Boss GE-7 to get extra heaviness from your guitar's already high gain tone. The classic 'scoop' is achieved by sliding the centre frequencies right down and either leaving the bass and treble or, for maximum 'Dimebag', boosting these to achieve an ultra aggressive 'scooped' sound. The mid frequencies have been scooped right out.
Question: I want to use the GE-7 pedal for a solo boost: how should I set the sliders?
This simplest thing is to have every frequency ever so slightly boosted for a louder signal. Another option is the mid-boost: create a small 'bump' in the centre of the sliders by raising the middle frequencies a little, taking a little extra on the upper mids towards the right hand side of the sliders. One slightly unorthodox method is to cut every frequency equally and have the 'pedal off' setting be your boost and your 'pedal on' be your rhythm tone. It's very effective and well worth trying!