Burns Bass Guitars

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About Burns Bass Guitars

Burns bass guitars have a long and storied history, especially when it comes to the UK music scene. In the 1960's Burns enjoyed a reputation for producing unique, high quality instruments that would see their guitars in the hands of legends like The Beatles and The Shadows.

Modern burns guitars keep these iconic, vintage designs alive and their range of bass guitars sport that instantly recognisable Burns design, and the Burns Tri-Sonic pickups give them their signature sound.


Why Should I Choose Burns Bass Guitar?

  • Great value
  • Classic designs
  • Vintage sound
  • Short scale options

Frequently Asked Questions about Burns Bass Guitars

Question: Are Burns bass guitars any good?
Yes. Burns bass guitars are very good. Burns bass guitars feature classic Burns designs, are very ergonomic and come at a very economical price point for their quality.
Question: Who uses a Burns bass guitar?
Burns bass guitars are played by a wide variety of artists, especially many UK based musicians. A Burns Nu-Sonic bass guitar was famously used by George Harrison to record the track "Rain" at Abbey Road Studios in 1966.