Darkglass Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

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About Darkglass Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

Darkglass Overdrive & Distortion Pedals are made by the Helsinki based company who specialise in equipment for bass guitars. Their overdive/distortion pedals have been popular with metal and hard rock bass guitar musicians. This is due to their defined and powerful  saturated overdriven sound. Darkglass overdrive & distortion pedals have clear and simple layouts that features tone knobs for fine control.They have the ablibly to Blend and mix clean and processed signals so you can fine tune your sound to the desired tone.

Darkglass overdrive & distortion pedals have all the features for perfect combinations of sounds. Some feature Mid boost switches, massive low end boosts and even variable low pass filers which are used to remove high-frequency sounds from an audio signal. Powerful saturation in the overdriven signal makes these pedals great for pushing an amp into strong grit, sustain and volume.

Why Should I Choose a Darkglass Overdrive or Distortion Pedal?

  • Built for powerful bass distortion while able to cut through the mix
  • Great for heavy rock and metal musicians
  • Fine tone controls
  • Many features all in one pedal

Frequently Asked Questions about Darkglass Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

Question: Are Darkglass overdrive and distortion pedals any good?
Yes. Darkglass Overdrive and distortion pedals are good pedals with strong performance, powerful sound and the ability to fine tune tone.
Question: Where are Darkglass overdrive and distortion pedals made?
Darkglass overdrive and distortion pedals are made in Helsinki, Finland.
Question: Which guitarists use a Darkglass overdrive and distortion pedal?
Darkglass overdrive and distortion pedals have been used by many musicians including session players and artists from professional bands such as Alex Webster, Dick Lovgren, Nate Mendal, Jon Stockmann, Devin Townsend, Tobin Esperance, Steve DiGiorgio, Billy Gould from Faith No More and others.