Eastman Mandolins

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About Eastman Mandolins

Eastman Mandolins are beautiful, handcrafted instruments with bags of character and sophistication. Eastman produces every conceivable variety of mandolin and variations in the mandolin family. This means there’s an instrument for every serious player.

Every Eastman Mandolin is made from solid carved wood, ensuring each instrument is alive and resonant. The benefit of solid wood instruments is they become louder and richer with age meaning these mandolins are built to last. Eastman use nitrocellulose lacquer to finish their mandolins. This allows the solid timber to breathe.

Eastman Mandolins include A-style - or ‘Teardrop’ - mandolins best suited to Celtic music and F-style mandolins which are best suited for bluegrass. Eastman also make mandolas and mandocellos which are bigger, lower-pitched members of the mandolin family. This is exactly the same as violins, violas and cellos.

What Makes Eastman Mandolins Different?

  • Handcrafted instruments
  • Every style of mandolin covered
  • Solid timber and nitro lacquer in every model
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Eastman Mandolins

    Question: Where are Eastman Mandolins made?
    Eastman Mandolins are handcrafted in China. Although China is synonymous with factory-made instruments, Eastman Mandolins are handmade in the American luthier tradition with solid tonewoods and nitrocellulose finishes.
    Question: Are Eastman Mandolins any good?
    Cheaper than their American-made counterparts but without much drop in quality, Eastman Mandolins are exceptional value for money.