Fairfield Circuitry

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About Fairfield Circuitry

Even the name, Fairfield Circuitry, has a whiff of the mad scientist about it. Coupled with utilitarian enclosures and effect names like ‘The Unpleasant Surprise’, you’d be forgiven for thinking these pedals are the product of top secret military experiments. To be fair, some Fairfield Circuits pedals sound exactly like that too.

Fairfield Circuitry’s most famous pedal however is the Shallow Water. This is a K-Field Modulation pedal or, in layman’s terms, it makes your guitar sound like it's being recorded on old wobbly tape. It has aspects of vibrato, flanging and subtle filtering but the core of the effect is the fact these modulations are totally random. It has a warm, nostalgic tone which is hugely inspiring.

Fairfield Circuitry also have a range of drive pedals, from the light ‘always-on’ overdrive of the Modele B to the versatile Barbershop to the ferocious fuzz of The Unpleasant Surprise. Quirky sonic experiments abound with the likes of the Hors D'oeuvre Active Feedback Loop and Randy’s Revenge Ring Modulator.

What makes Fairfield Circuitry different?

  • Truly original, experimental circuits
  • Inspiring and charismatic
  • Handmade in Quebec, Canada