Fender American Elite

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About Fender American Elite

Fender American Elite Series builds on the foundations of the excellent American Pro guitars, adding some fantastic extra specifications and a rainbow of beautiful new finishes. The American Elite Series includes Stratocasters (with S-S-S and H-S-S pickup configurations) and Telecasters (solid body and Thinline). It also includes a Precision Bass, a Jazz Bass and a 5 string Jazz Bass.

Specifics vary from model to model but all share the same new features. These include a compound radius fingerboard, noiseless pickups, a compound neck profile and locking tuners. The stunning new finishes across the range include Champagne, Ocean Turquoise and Sky Burst Metallic. This is along with old favourites such as Butterscotch Blonde and 3 Colour Sunburst.

These upgraded USA-made Fenders offer a new standard of quality, sound and feel from Fender. Check out the entire range on our website or come into one of our UK showrooms to take one for a spin!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Elite

Question: What does 'Compound Neck Profile' mean?
American Elite guitars have a compound Profile neck. This refers to the carve of the back of the neck, which begins as one shape and finishes at the other end as another. This is all about ergonomics. Your hand has to shift its position and grip as it travels up the neck and these changes help make the neck more natural and comfortable as it does this. Down at the headstock end, the neck has a 'Modern C' profile which is relatively substantial. Further up, this gradually evolves to become a 'Modern D' which is subtly different and supports your hand more for soloing.
Question: What is the little device at the heel of the neck next to the pickups?
This little gadget is a truss rod adjustment wheel. This makes adjusting the truss rod extremely easy. Just a small turn can sort a slight bow in the neck. Some Fenders of the past required the neck to be removed completely before any adjustments could be made, so this really is a great addition!
Question: Do the noiseless pickups require batteries?
No, Fender Noiseless pickups do not require any extra power at all. They work amazingly well but are completely passive!