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About Focusrite

Focusrite are a company dedicated to producing high-quality audio interfaces. Founded in High Wycombe, England in the mid 80's, Focusrite have been at the cutting edge of audio interface technology for over 30 years. Focusrite have endeavoured to make the best audio interfaces in the world, by removing technical barriers and ensuring that the recording process is as smooth as possible.

Why Choose Focusrite?

  • High Quality Interfaces
  • Cutting Edge Technology

Frequently Asked Questions about Focusrite

Question: Do you need to use Focusrite Software?
Focusrite Software is not necessary to use Focusrite products. You can use other popular recording software such as GarageBand with your Focusrite equipment.
Question: Can I use Focusrite interfaces without drivers?
Focusrite interfaces that use a USB 2.0 are "Class Compliant" on Mac Operating Systems, this essentially means that you can plug it in, and start using the software without the need to install any driver. If you are using a Windows Operating System, then you will need to install the necessary driver for your product. You can do this using the Focusrite software, or by using the Downloads section of the Focusrite website, and navigating to your product.