Focusrite Audio Interfaces

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About Focusrite Audio Interfaces

Focusrite audio interfaces are very popular. The Scarlett 2i2, for example, is everywhere. From schools and colleges to bedroom studios and in travel bags, it's hard not to spot.

Collections include the affordable Scarlett range and the exceptional Clarett series. There is a high quality Focusrite interface for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Focusrite Audio Interfaces

Question: Do all Focusrite audio interfaces include the cables to connect to my computer?
All Focusrite interfaces come with the necessary connection cable. The only exception is the Clarett thunderbolt range.
Question: What kind of computer do I need for recording?
Most Focusrite interfaces work with both PC and Mac. Whatever your preference, they have an interface for you.
Question: What else do I need to get started recording?
You will need your instruments, whether it be your guitar, keyboard or angelic voice! You will also need instrument and microphone cables, a solid microphone and headphones. A good pair of studio monitors is also recommended.