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About Gator Guitar Cases

Gator Guitar Cases are built tough to ensure your guitar gets to every gig safe and sound. Originally founded in 2000, Gator are passionate about ensuring musicians, as well as professionals in a host of other industries, have access to high quality storage and protection solutions for their precious gear. The result is a range of superb hard cases that ensure a perfect fit for your guitar that'll keep it safe from bumps, thumps, scrapes and drops and give you one less thing to worry about before the big gig!

Why Should I Choose a Gator Guitar Case?

  • Dependable and reliable
  • Lightweight but still highly protective
  • Ensures your instrument gets to every gig safe and sound
  • Built with passion and attention to detail
  • There's a Gator case to fit almost any type of guitar

Frequently Asked Questions about Gator Guitar Cases

Question: Does Gator make good cases?
Yes! Gator cases have long been held as almost standard by a host of music professionals, not just guitarists, and with good reason. Built tough, lightweight and designed to get your instrument to every gig safe and sound.
Question: Where are Gator cases made?
All Gator Cases are made at Gator's headquarters and home factory in Columbia City, Indiana USA.
Question: Gator cases are often made with something called ABS plastic. What is ABS?
ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is a type of thermoplastic plymer. It is frequently used in injection moulding. ABS is very resistant to chemical corrosion and physical impact, making it pretty perfect for guitar cases! Fun fact: ABS plastic is what LEGO is made from!
Question: Do Gator cases fit all guitars?
No, there are a range of different Gator Cases shaped for specific styles of guitar, like LP style cases, T style cases, 335 style etc. For advice on which specific case will suit your guitar, please give one of our stores a call, or speak to an advisor in our live chat!
Question: What type of guitars fit the Gator GW-Extreme Multi Fit case?
The Gator GW-Extreme Multi Fit case is designed to house all of those unique, pointed, horned electric guitar designs from brands such as Dean and BC Rich. Due to the outlandish design of these guitars, finding cases is normally something of a headache. This case is a big help! It is always useful to measure your guitar's dimensions before picking any case though, so please do that. We have tried a Dean ML, a Razorback, a BC Rich Warlock, a Jackson Randy Rhoads and an Epiphone Flying V in this case...they all fit with no problems!