Marshall Solid State Amps

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About Marshall Solid State Amps

Marshall Solid State Amps continues their legacy of being one of the top amp brands in the world. Their early amplifiers cemented their place in rock history and over the years, the brand has been the choice of some of the biggest names around, including the likes of Joe Satriani, James Hetfield, Johnny Marr and Andy Summers.

The MG amps give guitarists an iconic solid state amp that has the ability to bring forth guitar clean tones and overdrive tones that cover classic and modern styles. The MG10 and MG15 options are great choices for those who practice at home thanks to their compact speaker size. With an impressive feature set yet still offering excellent value for money, it's no wonder that Marshall solid state amps are still such a popular choice for guitarists.

Why Should I Choose a Marshall Solid State Amp?

  • Iconic looks and tones
  • Easy to use
  • MG models are ideal for practice and performance

Frequently Asked Questions about Marshall Solid State Amps

Question: Does Marshall make a solid state amp?
Yes, Marshall's solid state amps include their MG models which deliver iconic Marshall tone with a stunning classic appearance.
Question: Are Marshall solid state amps any good?
Absolutely! Marshall solid state amps are reliable, well-built and most importantly, sound incredible. The clean and overdrive tones are very satisfying, meaning they can cover many different styles of music.