Music Man Valentine

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About Music Man Valentine

The Music Man James Valentine signature guitar is one of those great amalgamations of features that blend together to create a versatile, satisfying and stylish guitar. Whether you are a Maroon 5 fan or not, this guitar can lend its beautiful tones and exceptional feel to any number of genres, thanks to its pickup choice and quality tonewoods.

At a glance, the Music Man Valentine looks as if it has two humbuckers. However, the bridge unit is in fact a special design single coil. The double cutaway design offers a familiar and ergonomic body to play on and the neck is pure Music Man all the other words it's a delight to use!

The James Valentine model is available as a USA Music Man model, a Sterling model and oftentimes as a prestigious BFR model. All are made to the highest possible standards and feature limited edition wood and finish choices. As authorised Music Man dealers, we keep James Valentine models in stock at all times. Limited edition BFR models are available through selected dealers only, meaning we are able to offer the very best of the Music Man brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Music Man Valentine

Question: Do Music Man make a James Valentine model with a tremolo?
Yes they do! It is simply named the Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine Tremolo. It is fitted with Music Man's own design Modern Tremolo which is a smooth feeling update to the classic 'vintage' tremolo style.