Stocking Fillers for Guitarists 2019!

Published on 06 December 2019

Welcome, friends! Come in! It's cold outside.

We know why you’re here. Last year, you came to us for some handy advice on stocking fillers and our suggestions smashed it out the park for you!

Now you're back! Christmas has sprung it's merry claws quickly on you and that old creepy feeling has snuck back: gift anxiety.

You’re almost at the end of your Christmas shopping ordeal - sorry, experience - and the end is in sight. Bloodied and bruised but unbroken, you are ready to call it a day and head home triumphantly to put up the tree.

But! You still have that niggling feeling! All the ‘big things’ are taken care of, but you want your guitar playing loved ones to have one or two extra, smaller things to unwrap and open up on the big day. Heart sinks. Panic sets in. Anxiety takes over.

Stop! Don’t worry! You’re going to be okay. Remember, last year we got you through this, with a blog suspiciously like this one.  Together, we will make Christmas 2019 a massive success! With this blog, you will not fail!

The List

First up, let’s look at a couple of tuners. Yes, the humble tuner is always a sure-thing purchase for a guitarist or bassist. Even if they already have one (and let’s sincerely hope they do...), it’s often kept at the rehearsal room or tidied away in a gig bag. A fresh new tuner at a great price is an easy route to the heart of any musician.

We have two for you today: one is a pedal for the floor and the other clips on to the headstock. Both have their merits!


Korg Pokemon Clip On Tuner


Proudly display allegiance to one of the most bewilderingly enduring and inexplicable cultural phenomenons of the last few decades with this neat range of Korg Pokemon clip on tuners! Select from four fun-loving monsters (we like the look of 'Bulbasaur', though we admit it's for the green colour rather than any creature preference) and enjoy the actual primary purpose of this accurate and useful clip on tuner!

LandLord FX Lock In Tuner


Our next tuner was on our list last year, and we think it merits a place this year too! The Landlord FX Lock In tuner is a compact pedal tuner with a large, bright display. It’s chromatic (as is the Korg Pokemon) so it can handle alternate tunings, and it is as solid as an inpenetrable fortress. Best of all, the price is scandalous! This was a massive hit last year, for price/performance/value reasons. We hope we’ve bought in enough to last until after Christmas but our advice is to get in quick! The Landlord FX Lock In Tuner is an absolute steal.



Dunlop Guitar/Bass Multi Tool


Every self-respecting guitarist should be able to carry out their own minor adjustments without breaking into a pathetic sweat. This sturdy tool from Dunlop is a no-brainer for throwing into your gig bag and drawing, Excalibur-like, in times of need. Multiple allen/hex keys are included along with usual suspects such as star-headed screwdrivers. This is the kind of multi tool that every guitar player knows they should own: do them a favour and sort it out for them.

Mother Mary Straps


It is one of life's inarguable facts that all objects, no matter their function, can be exponentially improved by placing pictures of cats on them. We know this. You know this. We know you know this, and that is why we stock these quite brilliant straps, hand-made somewhere in America by clearly excellent people. 

Other Mother Mary strap designs are available, but let's face it: who cares? This is the strap you've been waiting your entire lifetime for. Reach out and grab destiny.



D'Addario XT Strings


You may think, as a non-guitar player, that the gift of strings is a little bit boring.

Wrong. Strings are an amazing gift that every guitarist will love you forever for. It shows that you care, that you've secretly figured out which guage they use and you're on the ball by picking these amazing new, long-lasting strings by D'Addario, the USA-based king of strings.

Good effort!

Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit


If your guitar playing loved one is genuinely handy in the maintenance stakes, they may require more than that handy tool we looked at earlier. In that case, we recommend this high quality, comprehensive set o' tools by top brand Ernie Ball. This Musician's Tool Kit is durable and reliable, making a smart and thoughtful purchase.



Band Lab


This little box is easily one of the most useful things on here. It's an audio interface that works with phones and tablets, with decent quality components and nothing much else getting in the way to confuse you. The Band Lab is a very straightforward, good quality way of recording guitar or bass straight onto your phone. Small enough to take anywhere, it's one of those little devices that finds itself always getting used. Brilliant.

Dunlop 6504 System 65 Guitar Tech Kit


Guitars are mostly attractive objects, and must be kept so as much as possible. This attractive boxed set from Dunlop is full of delightful potions and will be a welcome addition to every guitar and bass player’s Christmas stocking. Inside the box you’ll find three bottles: the famous Formula 65 polish which cleans the guitar body thoroughly and smells magnificent; the 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil for giving your guitar’s fingerboard a drink; and the Ultraglide 65 String Conditioner for helping to wipe away filth and grime from your strings. No more Bubonic Plague! Not only that, this boxed set contains two Dunlop polish cloths and a pegwinder to help speed up re-stringing.



guitarguitar Gift Packs


Here’s a slam dunk of a purchase for you: the guitarguitar Standard Gift Pack! We’ve put this special package together ourselves, choosing each item for quality and value. Inside the lovely black package, you shall find the following treats: a Tourtech clip-on tuner, a black webbing strap, a Dunlop 11CD capo, a Stagg string Winder and some guitarguitar plectrums! The value is outstanding here so if you are not sure what accessories your loved one needs, grab this awesome pack! A Premium gift pack is available too, with an upgraded capo, cable and more, all in a deluxe box!




Dunlop 'I Love Dust' Plectrum Tin


Plectrums are inordinately important to a player's technique and performance. Which to buy, though? So many choices! Sometimes it's worth buying ones that look cool, but it's a risky game. Fortunately, Dunlop's Tortex .88mm plectrums are some of the best ever. Everyone loves these! They normally come in a brilliant 'toxic waste' shade of green, but this special 'I Love Dust' set have been given custom graphics and are sold in a quality tin. Handy, nice looking and well worth gifting!

Mahalo Art Skull Ukulele


We fully understand that Dia de los Muertos is more of a Post-Halloween celebration, but we think fans of spookiness deserve consideration at Christmas time too. This is why our ukulele choice for this year is this beautifully decorated Day of the Dead-style Sugar Art Skull model from Mahalo. It's a soprano, it looks amazing and is very well priced. Ukes are really easy to play, frankly, so much hilarity can be had on Christmas day when this little phantom shows up!



That brings us to the end of our 2019, revised-edition-stocking-fillers shopping list! Thanks for coming back to us again this year! We hope you’ve found some inspiration here: we want to make things easy for you during the Christmas mayhem! We’re always here for you if you need more help so don’t be afraid to get in touch either in our stores or online. From all of us here at guitarguitar, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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