Stocking Fillers and Gift Ideas for Guitarists 2020!

Published on 11 December 2020

Welcome, friends! It's present-buying time!

Already? We know. It's kind of crept up on us too, we have to admit.

Let's just cut to it: you want some suggestions for low-priced gifts that will make you appear thoughtful and wise to the guitar player in your life.

We have you covered. Just read this blog and pick some of the stuff. Each item on our stocking fillers list this year is guaranteed to be a win for you, no matter what type of guitarist you are buying for. You've come to this blog in recent years for precisely this type of help and assurance, and we're not about to let you down this year! It's been mad enough already without that, right? And if we haven't seen you here before, greetings to you! We're glad to have you. Sit with us for a spell and we'll show you some of our funnest, handiest, most affordable wares.

 Remember: last year and the year before that we got you through this season intact, with a blog suspiciously like this one.  Together, we will make Christmas 2020 a stonking success! With this blog, how can you fail?


The List for 2020

Here, without further preamble, is our brief, concise and concentrated guide to Good Stuff for Guitarists...



Tourtech TTA-T01 Clip On Tuner


Clip-on tuners are those things we all spend ages hunting for, before giving up and settling for the dubious reliability of free phone tuner apps. Life needn't be like this! This classy lil Tourtech tuner costs only a tenner and has a bright, coloured screen for easy reading on dark stages. It's discreet, reliable, really handy and really affordable. 

The humble tuner is always a sure-thing purchase for a guitarist or bassist. Even if they already have one (and let’s sincerely hope they do...), it’s often kept at the rehearsal room or tidied away in a gig bag. A fresh new tuner at a great price is an easy route to the heart of any musician. Why pay more?


LandLord FX Tap Room Delay


Landlord pedals are great-sounding, solidly-built, extremely affordable effects that have proven themselves to be reliable and very, very popular. Their range of available effects is wide: you can choose from a selection of drives, a compressor, a tuner, and even a looper, all for under £50! 

Having said that, we think the Taproom delay is one of the real picks. Guitar players go daft for delay pedals, and this one brings with it some cool features like 620ms of delay time and a unique self-oscillating feauture. What isn't to like?



Planet Waves VG-01 Varigrip

Has the guitar player in your life been using lockdown to practice their speed, dexterity and stamina on the instrument? Or have they been dodging their guitar in favour of Netflix? If the latter is the case, get their hands back into the guitar gym with this handy tool. The Planet Waves Varigrip works each finger independantly, and you can change the resistance for each digit in order to turn those soft, work-shy hands into guitar-mangling claws of power!

Mother Mary Straps

Now, it is possible to go through life using only plain black guitar straps, figuring that the guitar itself should do the talking. That's fair enough, but let's get real: there are too many cool straps out there to ignore, and we could all do with a little 'fancying-up' now and again, couldn't we?

In that case, let us show you Mother Mary straps. When we say that these are hand-made in Missouri, we mean they are hand-dyed, hand-stitched, the whole bit! You can pick from a gleefully off-kilter range of designs that include names like 'Basement Couch' and 'Saddle Up', safe in the knowledge that each one is super-cool.



Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit

If your guitar playing loved one is genuinely handy in the maintenance stakes, they may benefit from some specially-designed tools, perhaps presented in a nice zip-up case! Well, it just so happens that we have this high quality, comprehensive set o' tools by top brand Ernie Ball, available. This Musician's Tool Kit is durable and reliable, making a smart and thoughtful purchase for all who enjoy tinkering with their Strats and adjusting their Jazzmasters!



Roland RH-5 Headphones

What does literally every musician require? No, not talent: headphones! A set of decent quality headphones is always a welcome gift, and Roland have done the world a service with the RH-5 set. Supremely affordable whilst still sounding legitimately good, this simple and effective set of cans with provide excellent monitoring services as well as being pleasant for general use, too. Roland have even included an adaptor for mini jack and 1/4" applications! 

Dunlop 6504 System 65 Guitar Tech Kit

Guitars are mostly attractive objects, and must be kept so as much as possible. This lovely boxed set from Dunlop is full of delightful potions and will be a welcome addition to every guitar and bass player’s Christmas stocking.

Inside the box you’ll find three bottles: the famous Formula 65 polish which cleans the guitar body thoroughly and smells magnificent; the 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil for giving your guitar’s fingerboard a drink; and the Ultraglide 65 String Conditioner for helping to wipe away filth and grime from your strings. No more Bubonic Plague! Not only that, this boxed set contains two Dunlop polish cloths and a pegwinder to help speed up re-stringing.



guitarguitar Gift Packs

Here’s a slam dunk of a purchase for you: the guitarguitar Standard Gift Pack! We’ve put this special package together ourselves, choosing each item for quality and value. Inside the lovely black package, you shall find the following treats: a Tourtech clip-on tuner, a black webbing strap, a Dunlop 11CD capo, a Stagg string Winder and some guitarguitar plectrums!

The value is pretty outstanding here so if you are not sure what accessories your loved one needs, grab this awesome pack! A Premium gift pack is available too, with an upgraded capo, cable and more, all in a deluxe box! All of this stuff has been selected by us, guitarists, to be as useful as possible to players of all levels of ability.




Dunlop Artist Plectrum Packs


Plectrums are inordinately important to a player's technique and performance. Which to buy, though? So many choices! Why not put your trust in some of the world's best known guitarists? We have packs of picks from artists like Metallica's Kirk Hammett (uniquely shaped Jazz III style in neon green) and Dream Theater's John Petrucci (maroon picks adopting the new 'Flow' shape). These are both made by Dunlop, well regarded as the best in the business.

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele in Daphne Blue

With Christmas arriving in the depths of icy Winter, why not transport yourself and your family to an altogether sunnier place by strumming away on Hawaii's favourite instrument? This Fender Venice Soprano ukulele is super-affordable and has the all-important Fender name on there, giving this the seal of authenticity. The Daphne Blue finish will brighten up Christmas morning, and it's a classic Fender colour, too!



That brings us to the end of our 2020, revised-edition-stocking-fillers shopping list! Thanks for continuing to buy your musical gifts at guitarguitar! We hope you’ve found some inspiration here: we want to make things easy for you during these strange times! We’re always here for you if you need more help so don’t be afraid to get in touch either in our stores or online. From all of us here at guitarguitar, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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