National Guitar Day Competition - Share your #guitarguitarglowup

Published on 02 February 2022

National Guitar Day is right around the corner on the 13th of February, and we felt it was appropriate to dig deep into our memories and photo albums and remember what it was like when we all first picked up a guitar. 

As we were doing this, we thought what better way to celebrate than to see all your photos too! We have all probably come leaps and bounds in our playing (and looks, let’s be honest,) and we want to see the difference from your younger rocker to you now. 

How to enter

To get involved with this awesome celebration, upload an old and new photo of yourself with a guitar (either as a collage or 2 separate photos) between today and the 13th of February and use the hashtag #guitarguitarglowup. 

The best 5 photos will win a £50 gift card to spend in store or online!

Questionable haircuts, long lost instruments and bold fashion choices are exactly what we are looking for so use the hashtag, and get involved!

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