Tommy Emmanuel EXCLUSIVE Video Interview 2023: with Songs, Tips and Wisdom!

Published on 08 February 2023

It’s a nice quandary indeed to consider what to ask a legendary guitar player, when given a rare opportunity to interview them. There are so many potential subjects to touch upon, and only so much time to work with.

It’s a good thing, then, that Tommy Emmanuel is one of the easiest guys to talk to on the planet. Not only that, his years at the top have given him that streamlined ability to connect quickly and communicate very effectively. He’s basically a master of this, whether it be through his guitar or just in conversation.

Tommy hardly needs an introduction to lovers of the guitar, given that he has dominated the acoustic scene for the last thirty years. His music is loved across the planet, and his performances revered for their lively, inclusive energy.

Energy is something he’s big on, and is one of the many subjects we covered in our near-50 minute conversation. We also spent a lot of time talking about inspiration, and many, many other subjects. Along the way, his signature Maton was on hand for him to grab for an impromptu rendition of one of his many hits.

The full interview is available to watch below. We experienced some audio gremlins during the first 15 mins of guitar playing, but we get to the bottom of that (pesky Apple earbuds!) and the rest of the video includes excellent audio of Tommy’s masterful playing, not to mention his many insights into writing, performing and more.

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