Check out our BRAND NEW Yamaha Piano Showroom!

Published on 30 August 2023

Have you been into our Glasgow store recently? If you have, you’ll have already taken in the fresh wonder that is our revamped and re-fitted Yamaha piano showroom! If not, then let us entice you in for a visit by showcasing the stunning new area in our store!

Our Yamaha piano showroom is the first and only Yamaha centre of it's kind in Europe. guitarguitar Glasgow’s state of the art piano showroom is the only place to go for all things Yamaha. With a team of expert staff on hand to offer advice and help with any questions, there’s nowhere better to experience everything the brand has to offer.

guitarguitar Glasgow

As many of you will know, our Glasgow store is somewhat bisected by a tunnelled lane that runs through the middle. On the left hand side lie our two guitar departments, with acoustics and electrics having their own entrances.

As you approach our Glasgow store, head past the tunnel towards the third set of doors and make your way inside. You’ll be presented with our freshly redesigned, remodelled and refitted centre of keys, digital pianos, stage pianos, synths, electronic drums, micslive sound gear, recording & studio equipment and everything in between! On the left, you’ll find our vast and futuristic specialised Roland area decked out in a Tron-style blend of black and neon!

Yamaha Piano Showroom

The real story today is the Yamaha area, which is sleek, clean and very classy. There’s a really beautiful, relaxed vibe here with a cool laid-back, up-scale urban feel. The whole space has been reimagined, rebuilt and optimised for the best Yamaha experience you could possibly have.


If you’re looking for pianos, you’ll find a great selection here, plugged in and ready to play with plenty of space for you to enjoy. From YDP models and world-famous Clavinovas to a full-on digital Baby Grand, you’ll find what you need in a space that promotes relaxed playing. You can also try out Yamaha’s cutting edge hybrid piano, the N1X! Opportunities like these make visiting the store a must.

guitarguitar Glasgow Yamaha Room

It’s not just pianos, though. Synthesizers are big here too, and we have made sure that a range of Refaces and ModX synths are available to try out, all with either speakers or headphones connected. If you fancy trying something, just go ahead and do so!

guitarguitar Glasgow Yamaha Room

Accessibility is key here, if you forgive the pun! We think it’s really important to go past the specs of any given keyboard and have proper hands-on experience: nothing beats actually playing something and having a direct cause and effect situation when you change settings, for example.

guitarguitar Glasgow Yamaha room 

Take 5 and Play Some Music

Pop your head in next time you’re in the area and see the new Yamaha area for yourself! Together with our dedicated Roland space, you have two distinct - and excellent - environments for keyboard and piano playing under one roof! If you play keys of any description, this is the place to be. We’ll see you soon!

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