Nord Stage 5

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About Nord Stage 5

The Nord Stage 5 series has been designed with the professional musician in mind. Each instrument from Nord's award winning piano series features weighted keys that use Nord's virtual Hammer Action Technology (that mimics physical hammer movements) to recreate the sensation and response of playing an acoustic piano. Couple this with the impressive sound library under the hood and a selection of real time controls that negate the need for searching through menus, results in the Nord Piano being an out and out winner for the professional player.

Unlike most digital pianos, Nord keyboards are independently calibrated for each key bed, this means that every Nord keyboard plays the same and eliminates dead spots and inconsistencies long before the piano leaves the factory. While the Nord Piano 5 plays just like a beautifully crafted piano, it also features a huge library of unique world class sounds, that not only boasts beautifully captured upright and grand pianos, but also a stunning sample synth section that can be played independently or layered together to create powerful hybrid sounds that you can grab in an instant when needed during your set or session. Some other high quality sounds inside the Piano 5 include electric pianos, synth sounds, orchestral sounds and wind instruments. Other features musicians will love include versatile effects routing, classic ensemble settings, the ability to incorporate a volume pedal and the Nord Sound Manager, and compatibility with the Nord triple pedal, resulting a well rounded instrument that responds to dynamic playing and will perfectly complement your playing style.

If you're a touring musician, student or even a hobbyist player, a portable Nord Piano could completely change your approach to how you create and perform, so come and investigate the Nord Piano 5 88 and other piano models in the series.


Why Should I Choose Nord Stage 5?

  • Huge sample library
  • Virtual hammer technology makes it feel like a real acoustic piano
  • Industry standard for performing musicians

Frequently Asked Questions about Nord Stage 5

Question: Is Nord Piano 5 worth it?
Yes, Nord Pianos are the industry standard on stage and in the studio.
Question: When did Nord Piano 5 come out?
The Piano 5 series was originally launched in early 2021.
Question: Does Nord Piano 5 have weighted keys?
Yes, Nord Piano 5 keyboards utilise Nord's virtual Hammer Action Technology to beautifully recreate the feel of an acoustic piano.