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Overall Rating 4.9 (7 reviews)

Great sound and looks from a small amp.

Stephen C. - 17/2/2019

good for quiet practise, which is what I bought it for

Andy . - 29/1/2019

Brilliant sound, I practice in a conservatory and at the low volumes you have to use in a family house the sound quality is the best I've heard from a small amp. All the different modes are fun to play with as well so with built in reverb, phaser and delay as well as various overdrive modes you can easily change the sound to whatever your playing without the bulk of lugging a pedal board around. The built in tuner is also more useful than you would first think.Can't really fault it at this price.

Adrian F. - 15/8/2018

Lots of effects, very compact in size. Perfect for bedroom playing. Great price

Phil M. - 15/8/2018

Very impressed with the way I was kept informed about when and who would be making the delivery.

M.F. - 10/11/2013

the amp may be small in size but sounds amazing and also has a lot of big amp opitions this does exactly as yamaha put on the tin

C.D. - 7/2/2013

Fabulous product plenty of authentic sounds and looks cool too! THR 5

N.C. - 28/3/2012

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