Epiphone 940-E339 Hardcase for ES 339

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Junya O. - 13/3/2018

It is a very nice case and about one third cheaper than the Gibson Les Paul equivalent that looks all-but-identical. The lock doesn't work, but then, it wouldn't, would it? If anyone was going to steal the guitar they'd just pick up the case. Why any company - let alone one owned by Gibson - would include such a lock in this day and age escapes me - but that doesn't matter. Maybe to stop a kid at school rifling one's briefcase, assuming they didn't have a hair pin, indicates the inclusion of such a lock. But what the case is actually for, it does well. I feel like my 339 is now well protected. And, of course, it smells nice.

Shane B. - 4/12/2017

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