BOSS KTN-50 Katana 50W 1x12 Combo

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Overall Rating 4.9 (35 reviews)

Good, versatile amp. Explained well by the Guitar Guitar staff member during our visit.

Matt D. - 21/8/2019

Great amp, fantastic features

Geoffrey W. - 12/8/2019

The built in tuner is a pain to use.

stephen b. - 19/7/2019

it's a Katana 50, I think all the superlatives about this amp have already been written. :) I'm pleased with it.

Jeffrey L. - 15/6/2019

Kavitha S. - 14/6/2019

Perfect for my needs. I am able to practice at home, either with headphones on or on the 0.5watt setting, and also use it with full band in practice on 50watts.

Neil P. - 12/6/2019

Great sound, suprisingly loud when you need it to be. Tone studio is great for getting a unique tone.

Ethan M. - 4/6/2019

You get so much for under £200. The built in effects sound great and you can connect to a laptop to get more. Being able to drop the watts to 0.5 is such a great feature without losing any quality.

Euan R. - 15/5/2019

For the size and price of this amp you can?t go wrong. This small mighty box packs a punch. From the volume to the built in effects. You get a lot for the money. The channel selections suit the am very well for light bluesy crunch right up to face melting metal this amps does it all

SEAN W. - 25/4/2019

great amp with awesome sound and power

Martin S. - 28/2/2019

Had checked amp out previously using my own guitar so pay and collect was straight forward.

Davey . - 23/2/2019

Chris C. - 17/2/2019

Stoke N. - 16/2/2019

Great sound, value and easy to use.

Shonagh H. - 18/12/2018

Awesome! Best buy this year

Michael S. - 18/12/2018

Probably the best value for money you can get! Great little home-use amp that can still get cranked up nice and loud.

Finlay . - 17/12/2018

Great product, hopefully sounds great. Christmas present

Mark P. - 6/12/2018

Versatile guitar amplifier will allow both electric and acoustic guitars to be played through it. Lots of effects some are better than others. Excellent sound from the amp and the amplifier modelling sound settings are good. You need to use the settings and experiment to find your favourite sound.

Roger H. - 29/11/2018

Brawsy baws. Fine n dandy.

gordon t. - 9/10/2018

Sandy M. - 15/8/2018

Chris . - 30/6/2018

Sick amp. Great tones at low volume.

Andrew I. - 22/4/2018

Andrew B. - 23/3/2018

Roger C. - 12/3/2018

I?ve used for a year prior to purchase. Great pub gig amp.

Chris G. - 20/2/2018

It performed exactly as described

Gary B. - 16/2/2018

Great sound for a good price, lots of flexibility in output for quiet practise or loud thrashing!

Martin L. - 16/2/2018

Excellent equipment which has surpassed my expectations!

Adam Q. - 15/2/2018

Absolute dream of an amp, good for bedroom use 0.5w or stage 50w

Peter W. - 15/2/2018

Great tones which are easy to dial in. Loud for a 50w amp also simple to use.

Andrew S. - 28/12/2017

Haven't had time to fully evaluate the product but I am amazed that anything this good can be so cheap. Have updated the version software and played around with some of the downloadable settings. Very easy to do and surprising how the sounds can be changed with the click of a mouse and then set as a pre-set.

John P. - 27/12/2017

It's a beast of a practice amp.

Kevin H. - 27/12/2017

Great sounding amp from BOSS

Colin C. - 18/12/2017

Punchy and excellent value!

Gareth C. - 1/12/2017

best solid state amp for under £300

garry b. - 18/4/2017

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