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Cornerstone Antique Classic Drive


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What we say:

At A Glance:

The Cornerstone Antique Classic Drive is a spin on the classic TS-style sound. It features 4 control pots and 2 switches, allowing for a wide range of tonal options. Created with a modern Blues influenced vibe in mind, this pedal sounds very impressive, regardless of how you have it set!

Features We Love:

Blues Tone in a Box

Instead of trying to recreate an exact traditional drive pedal, Cornerstone have aimed to create a Blues-style tone common with guitarists like John Mayer. From hearing the sweet tones it produces, we think they really nailed it too!

Comp Switch

Sometimes you want to dig in hard with your playing. Other times a song calls for a softer approach. This switch gives you the flexibility to make the pedal work equally well on both sides of the scale.

Mids Switch

It makes us very happy when pedals include switches to offer more tonal options. This is basically a mid-cut switch which can be very useful if you are switching to a guitar with different pickups halfway through a set but want to keep a similar tone.


  • A great alternative to the typical TS style sound
  • It is well made so will easily go the distance
  • Plenty of options to fine-tune your tone

What's Included:

  • Cornerstone Antique Classic Drive


  • GAIN and VOLUME controls
  • TONE control: it manages the low-mid frequency content
  • PRESENCE control: it shapes the hi-mids and high-end content
  • MIDS (cut) toggle switch: it manages the overall mids content, in UP position is the classic TS mids, in DOWN position mids are cut
  • COMP switch: is managing the overall dynamic response of the pedal
  • Requires a standard 9V DC Negative power supply only