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Cioks Superpower Bundle (DC7 + CIOKS 8 + IEC/BS1363 Cable)


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Manufacturer's ID: CK-SPBUK

What we say:

At A Glance:

The CIOKS Superpower Bundle is the ultimate hub for your pedalboard. If you're constructing a pedalboard that's going to turn heads, you're going to need some serious power, or should that be Superpower! Combining the award-winning CIOKS DC7 with the CIOKS 8 Expander to give you a total of fifteen isolated outlets, each with four switchable voltages. The bundle also includes a huge selection of connectors and cables to get your board correctly set up.

If you're a pedal connoisseur and love variety, you know how important it is to set things up perfectly and the Superpower Bundle gives you the control to do this in any combination.

Features We Love:


The DC7 is a slimline power block with a 1-inch profile and a 48-watts of power. Powered using your standard IEC or "Kettle Lead" connection, the DC7 features 7 isolated DC-outlets, each with selectable voltages. Plus, a USB outlet that can be used for powering lighting on your board or for charging phones and other USB devices, and a 24 volt DC output that can be used to power the CIOKS 8. The DC7 also features a true power meter that shows you the total load on the block, meaning you will never overload your circuit.


Designed as an extension for the DC7, the CIOKS 8 features the same slimline profile as the DC7 and connects using the included proprietary DC link cable. CIOKS 8 features 8 isolated DC-outlets with selectable voltages to give you the exact power you need for your board, plus it allows further expansion by daisy-chaining another CIOKS 8 via a DC link cable.

5-Year Warranty

The included 5-year warranty covers you against manufacturing defects, giving you peace of mind over your investment.


  • Power up to 15 pedals using a single plug socket
  • Noiseless power for your pedals
  • Easily mounted on the underside of your pedalboard
  • Handmade and designed in Europe
  • 5-Year Warranty


  • Future Power Generation Bundle containing CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 8 multi-outlet power supply units
  • Profile of both units only 2.5 cm
  • Ultra-low noise achieved by multistage filtering
  • A total of 15 outlets with up to 660 mA (at 9V DC) on each
    • 7 isolated DC-outlets 6 W each on CIOKS DC7
    • 8 isolated DC-outlets, 6 W each on CIOKS 8 Expander
  • 4 selectable voltages on each outlet
    • 9V DC at 660 mA
    • 12V DC at 500 mA
    • 15V DC at 400 mA
    • 18V DC at 330 mA
  • 42 Watts total maximum output power from all 15 DC outlets combined
  • Can be expanded by connecting a either a separately sold CIOKS 4 Expander Kit or another CIOKS 8 Expander
  • 5V USB-Output for max. 1 A
  • 24V DC auxiliary outlet with max. 2A
  • Three LED power meter showing the total load of both power supplies
  • Mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Templeaudio boards and hex-key included
  • Compatible with CIOKS GRIP for drill-free mounting on Pedaltrain boards (sold separately)
  • 24 Flex cables included:
    • 14 x Standard Flex type 1 – black with 5.5/2.1 mm centre negative DC plug
    • 2 x Standard Flex type 2 – red with 5.5/2.1 mm centre positive DC plug
    • 2 x Standard Flex type 4 – green with 5.5/2.5 mm centre positive DC plug
    • 2 x Standard Flex type 5 – black with tip positive 3.5 mm Jack plug
    • 2 x Split Flex type 1 – black with two 5.5/2.1 mm centre negative DC plugs
    • 2 x 3-way daisy chain Flex type 1 – black with three 5.5/2.1 mm centre negative DC plugs
  • 2 DC Link cables included - for connecting CIOKS 8 to the DC7’s 24V DC aux
    • 1 x L2415 – black with EJAI plug at each end, 15 cm
    • 1 x L2480 – black with EJAI plug at each end, 80 cm
  • Designed in Denmark, assembled in Europe
  • 5-year worldwide warranty