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Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ


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Manufacturer's ID: SA270

What we say:

At A Glance:

The Source Audio EQ2 Programmable EQ is possibly the world's most powerful EQ pedal. With both a 10 band EQ and parametric EQ, plus a built-in tuner and the ability to store and recall presets that can be modulated via an expression pedal, the EQ2 really does go above and beyond any other EQ pedal we've seen before!

Features We Love:

Graphic EQ

The EQ2 gives you the ability to create your own custom EQ shapes using the LED Display, and with up to 18dB of boost and cut over 10 frequency bands, you can really carve out your sound to the finest detail. Are your pickups giving you an unwanted resonant frequency, is there an annoying buzz you'd like to eliminate, or are you wanting to create your own unique scooped sound? Everything is possible with this powerful pedal.

Parametric EQ

In addition to the graphic EQ, the EQ2 features a powerful parametric EQ that lets you swoop through the frequencies to find and dial out problematic peaks.

8+ User Presets

Up to 8 custom presets can be created and recalled using the pedal itself, however, this can be expanded to whopping 128 patches when using a MIDI controller.

Built-in Tuner

In addition to being a powerful EQ pedal, the EQ2 can also function as a tuner, which means it can actually save space on your pedalboard.

Expression Pedal Control

With the use of an expression pedal you can manipulate up to four individual parameters for simultaneous control, this gives you the ability to swoop through parameters for unique effects or create your own wah like presets. In addition to this, an external footswitch can be used to scroll through presets, toggle between channels, change settings and even reroute your signal path. Finally, the use of a MIDI controller can give you access to up to 128 presets or be used to make even more complex parameter changes.

Neuro Editor Software

While the pedal itself features an intuitive operation, tone chasers will absolutely love connecting the pedal to the Neuro Editor software or app. This explodes each preset out to give you a level of control unseen on other EQ pedals and lets you access features like custom EQ curves and routing your audio presets to individual outputs.

Who Is It For?

The musician who likes to use EQ to precisely carve out their tone.


  • Quickly switch your EQ for different songs or gigs
  • Can be used with mono or stereo signals
  • Also works as a guitar tuner


  • Pedal Features
    • 4/8/128 Onboard Presets — Edit, save, and scroll between 4 onboard presets, 8 presets in Preset Extension Mode, or all 128 presets by turning the encoder while holding the Preset Select button.
    • 10 Band Graphic Equalizer -- Use the EQ2's 10 adjustable frequency bands ranging from 31Hz to 16kHz with 18dB boost or cut to sculpt the perfect tone.
    • Parametric Equalization Capabilities -- Use the onboard controls or the Neuro Editor to adjust the frequency position and Q of each frequency bands.
    • Simple 1-Knob Control Panel — A sleek pedal calls for a sleek control set. EQ2 is armed with a single, do-it-all encoder mode that is rotated, pressed, or held in different situations for ultimate flexibility.
    • Onboard Chromatic Tuner — An onboard chromatic tuner adds to the flexibility and feature-set of the dynamic EQ2.
    • Growing Library of Published Presets — For quick access to a world of great tones, try sampling sounds from a vast collection of published presets created by the Source Audio team and the ever-growing Neuro Community.
    • Unprecedented Sound Sculpting Options — The powerful Neuro Desktop Editor (Free download for Mac and Windows) and Neuro Mobile App (iOS and Android) offer maximum sound exploration and editing possibilities.
    • 128 MIDI Accessible Factory Presets -- The addition of a third party MIDI controller provides access to any of the pedal’s 128 presets as well as direct control of frequency bands, signal routing, output level, and more.​
    • Stereo Inputs and Outputs -- Use the Neuro Editor’s routing options in conjunction with Split Mode to get the most out of EQ2’s flexibility. Compact Design -- The durable, anodized aluminum housing has a small footprint and sturdy hardware. Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 2.75 in./7cm x H: 2 in./5.1cm (including knobs).
    • Universal Bypass -- Select either analog buffered or relay based True Bypass.
    • USB Port -- Class compliant USB-MIDI allows the EQ2 to work as a plug-and-play device with recording software running on Mac and Windows recording software or any third party MIDI controller with USB host. The USB port also offers connectivity to the Neuro Desktop Editor providing access to deep editing possibilities and pedal firmware updates.
    • Two Way Mobile Communication — Brand new to the EQ2, the USB port now supports mobile connection, allowing for two-way communication between the Neuro App and your pedal. This also frees up the pedal’s Input 2 jack for other use purposes.
    • ​External Expression and Switching Control -- Use the Control Input jack with the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal (expression control to multiple parameters) or Tap Switch (scroll presets and toggle settings).
  • Neuro Editor Features
    • Connect the EQ2 to the Neuro Desktop Editor (a free download for Mac or Windows computers) or the Neuro Mobile App (free for iPhone and Android) and explore the power of effect downloading, customization, and sharing that comes with every One Series pedal.
    • Growing Library of Published Presets: Quickly test and download sounds from the ever-expanding collection of published User Presets created by Source Audio and the rest of the EQ2 /Neuro Editor Community.
    • Deep Effects Editing Capabilities: Use the Neuro Desktop Editor (free download for Mac and Windows) or the Neuro Mobile App (free for iOS and Android) to create, store, and share highly customized EQ settings.
    • 10 Adjustable Bands: Each of the 10 bands can be set anywhere on the frequency spectrum between 20Hz and 20kHz.
    • Adjustable Q Factor (Bandwidth): Each band’s Q (bandwidth) can be made to be wider or up to 10 times narrower for ultimate tone-sculpting.
    • Optional Noise Gate and Limiter: An optional noise gate threshold and an optional limiter to eliminate digital clipping can be configured in the Neuro editor.
    • Channel Gain Control: The gain of each channel can be tweaked in the Neuro editors.
    • USB Connection – Use the pedal’s mini USB port to connect the EQ2 to the Neuro Desktop Editor, and for the first time, the Neuro Mobile App, both of which can be used to edit presets or download the latest pedal firmware.
  • MIDI Features
    • The EQ2 responds to MIDI Program Change (PC) and Continuous Controller (CC) messages via its 5-pin DIN ports or its mini USB port. The USB port handles communication between the EQ2 and digital audio workstations (DAW) on Mac and Windows machines as well as external MIDI controllers.
    • Preset Saving – Save up to 128 effect presets.
    • MIDI Mapping – Use the Neuro Desktop Editor to easily map MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) messages to a comprehensive list of parameters.
    • Preset Recall - Use MIDI CC numbers 103 & 104 or PC Messages to recall any of the EQ2’s 128 MIDI accessible presets.
    • The Neuro Hub - Connect the EQ2 to the Neuro Hub and use MIDI CC messages to control parameters or recall presets
  • Technical Data
    • Includes 9v DC power supply (300mA / Negative Tip)
    • Includes 1/8” to 1/4” cable for Neuro Mobile App connection.
    • Includes USB Mini cable for Neuro Moble App and Desktop Editor connection.
    • Power Consumption — 180mA
    • USB port — Connects to Mac or Windows PC for firmware updates and the forthcoming in-depth effects editing software.
    • Brushed anodized aluminum housing.
    • Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 2.75 in./7cm x H: 2 in./5.1cm (including knobs)