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About Tone King Amps

Tone King Amps are built to take the legacy of iconic 50s and 60s era American amps, and bring them right up to date. With superb modern quality construction and reliability, Tone King amps bring you gorgeous cleans and warm, rich drive tones at any volume. Hand built in Baltimore, Maryland USA, these amps are built to ensure every note you play sounds as good as you dream.

Tone King Amps are a boutique USA brand. Tone King amps are designed by Mark Bartel and are handmade to vintage specifications. Each amp is a combo and is styled in a deliberately retro way. They are all tube amps and feature built in attenuators to play at lower volumes with no loss in sound quality.

Tone King amps are for vintage tone lovers who appreciate simple things done well. The tones are very "American' and based on famous Tweed-flavoured amps.

We have an excellent selection of these amplifiers available to buy from our site and from certain stores.

Why Should I Choose a Tone King Amp?

  • Vintage looks
  • Incredible classic sound
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Classic all-valve tones
  • Wide choice of models
  • Stunning quality and reliability

Frequently Asked Questions about Tone King Amps

Question: Where are Tone King amps made?
Tone King Amps are proudly built in Baltimore, Maryland USA.
Question: Are Tone King amps hand-wired?
Yes, every Tone King amp is meticulously hand built and hand wired to deliver outstanding tone every time you switch on.
Question: I'm looking for a Tone King amp that I can gig with. It needs to have overdrive. What should I be looking at?
We would recommend the Tone King Imperial Mk II combo. It's a beautiful sounding amp with 20 watts of power and two footswitchable channel giving you clean and overdriven sounds.