Yamaha Keyboard Amplifiers

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Yamaha Keyboard Amplifiers

Yamaha keyboard amps are designed specifically to be used with their own keyboards, for example the GNS MS01 Speaker System is designed with the Yamaha Genos in mind, comprising of 2 satellite speakers and a subwoofer, the satellites include brackets to slot into the back of the Genos allowing them to be positioned to your liking, while the subwoofer ensures that the refined low end produced by the Genos is accurately translated to you in high quality audio.


Why Should I Choose a Yamaha Keyboard Amplifier?

  • Stunning quality, like all Yamaha products
  • Range of sizes and power ratings
  • Designed to deliver the best from your Yamaha keyboards
  • Amps for everything from home practice to full stage monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Keyboard Amplifiers

Question: I don't have a Genos, can I use the GNS MS01 with my keyboard?
No, the GNS MS01 is designed to be used specifically with the Genos.
Question: Is there a benefit in using the GNS MS01 over a set of studio monitors?
The GNS MS01 offer a frequency response tailored to the Genos so no EQ is required.