Alesis Digital Pianos

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About Alesis Digital Pianos

Alesis Digital Pianos are excellent digital pianos, ideal for beginners or musicians looking for a solid intermediate piano on a budget. These electric pianos do an excellent job of replicating real, acoustic piano sound and providing a wide range of features. Alesis pianos feature graded semi-weighted keys and adjustable touch response which result in an amazing, natural feel. Alesis pianos have all the right connections, such as sustain pedal input, headphone output and USB-MIDI outputs.

Why Should I Choose an Alesis Digital Piano?

  • Excellent Quality
  • Great Pricepoint
  • Great Features
  • Amazing Samples

Frequently Asked Questions about Alesis Digital Pianos

Question: Does Alesis make good pianos?
Yes. Alesis digital pianos are very good. They are excellent value for money with an excellent array of sounds and features.
Question: Where are Alesis pianos made?
Alesis pianos are made in China.