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About Boss Reverb / Delay Pedals

Boss reverb pedals give guitarists studio quality reverb sounds in compact, easy to use boxes. Reverb is an essential effect for most guitarists. Whether you use it to simulate actual acoustic spaces or to be creative with dramatic sounds, reverb is an effect that everyone can see the benefit in.

The Boss RV-6 is a very popular pedal. It is one of Boss' compact pedals, meaning it has a small footprint but offers a wide selection of high quality reverb effects, each with a large amount of 'sculpting' of sound available.

The Twin pedal RV-500 is a more complex device for those who want to get in deep with their reverb algorithms. The RE-20 Space Echo blends reverb and delay effects to resurrect the characteristic sound of Roland's classic Space Echo Head of the seventies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Reverb / Delay Pedals

Question: Can I use guitar pedals like the RV-6 on things like my vocals?
Definitely! Just use a mic cable that has a 1/4 jack at one end so you can plug it into the pedal. The quality of the effect itself is definitely good enough to use with vocals so go ahead and create!
Question: What should come first in my pedal chain: reverb or delay?
This is one of those age-old debates for sure! As long as you have both pedals at the end of your chain, we'd say that personal preference rules here. There seems to be no particular benefit to whether you 'delay your reverbs' or 'reverb your delays' but since you ask, we'd go with having your reverb after your delay.
Question: What makes the RV-500 'better' than the RV-6?
Well, better is a subjective term of course but for reverb aficionados, the RV-500 offers lots more, hence the added cost. With the RV-500, you get 21 different reverb types as opposed to 8 types on the RV-6. The 500 has over 200 memory locations to save your preferences to, MIDI and USB connectivity, the ability to run two reverbs at once and a fully featured delay effect! It is a particularly clean and deep reverb with an unprecedented level of control available. If, however, you do not need to get quite as acquainted with the ins and outs of each reverb algorithm you use, the RV-6 sounds incredible and is very straightforward to use!
Question: What types of reverb are available on the RV-6?
The Boss RV-6 is the company's most comprehensive compact reverb ever. There are 8 reverb types, comprised of the following: Modulate, Spring, Plate, Hall, Room, Dynamic, Shimmer, and Reverb + Delay.