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About Kemper Amps

Kemper Amps take the concept of the digital guitar amp to the next level. The Kemper Profiling Amp lets you take profiles of your very own chosen guitar amps and settings, saving that snapshot digitally and reacting just like your real amp. This lets you leave your precious, authentic amp safe and sound at your home studio and take those sounds out on tour, without compromising your sound!

The Kemper really comes into its own in the live setting, where power amp can be used to power your cabs on stage, delivering your carefully chosen and recreated tones exactly as you want. Alternatively, you can rig your Kemper up to an external power amp to ensure maximum versatility in your live rig.

With Kemper Amps, the future really is now. More than boasting an incredible range of sounds, Kemper Amps are extraordinary in their truly customizable interface.

Another common usage is profiling amps you have used - but don’t own! - at a studio session: enabling you to take the tones of the studio on stage. All these tones are then easily switchable during your set - or even during your song! Fender cleans, Marshall rhythms and Boogie leads are all within your grasp!

Kemper Amps have made an extraordinary impact on the amp world since 2011. In fact, it is now common for boutique amp manufacturers to sell their own ‘authorised’ Kemper Profiles.

The Kemper range has expanded in the last few years so that they are more convenient than ever before. The collection now includes a pedalboard-style Profiler Stage and dedicated lightweight Kemper Kabinet.


What Makes a Kemper Amp Different?

  • Unparalleled recreations of other amps and effects
  • Lets you take all your chosen amp tones on tour or into the studio
  • Lets you take profiles of your own amps
  • Hugely convenient
  • Stunning quality
  • Access to a huge array of presets

Frequently Asked Questions about Kemper Amps

Question: Are Kemper amps any good?
Yes they are! Kemper amps deliver unbelievably great recreations of amp tones, and give you access to mountains of these tones and other effects just a button click away. All Kemper products are manufactured in Germany to a stunning degree of quality, ensuring your Kemper amp doesn't just sound great, but will stand up to a lifetime of tour and studio work too.
Question: Who uses Kemper amps?
Kemper Amps have been used by some of the biggest names in the industry. Famous fans include Mark Knopfler, Hans Zimmer, Guthrie Govan, Pat Metheny, Paul Gilbert.
Question: How do Kemper amps work?
How Kemper Amps work exactly is a secret Christoph Kemper guards closely. When you profile an amp, the Kemper runs particular frequencies through the amp which you then capture with a microphone and return to the Kemper for analysis. With this information, the Kemper can then reproduce to an astonishing degree the characteristics of the amp; not just the EQ but the compression and saturation.
Question: What amps does Kemper come with?
Kempers come pre-installed with around 300 rigs. There are more free rigs available than this but they have to be accessed using their ‘Rig Manager’ software. They recommend not installing too many rigs on the unit itself in order to keep the playing experience reasonably streamlined.
Question: Are Kemper amps worth it?
Yes they are! Let's say, If you're a studio or live player who needs a clean tone from one of your amps, and distorted tones from 2 other amps, with capability to handle effects well, while still delivering powerful sound reinforcement capabilities on stage, then the Kemper really can't be beat!
Question: Who makes Kemper amps?
Kemper amps are designed and manufactured in house by Kemper GmbH at their headquarters Recklinghausen, Germany.