Korg MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

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About Korg MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Korg MIDI Keyboards are built to the same standards as their amazing synthesizers and workstations. Ploughing over 40 years of experience into each MIDI controller, Korg keyboards are designed to capture every nuance of your playing while offering you an effortless workflow via an intuitive user interface.

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Question: Can I use a sustain pedal with a Korg MIDI keyboard?
The Microkey Air 37, 2 49 and Air 49 all feature an assignable pedal input which can be used with sustain pedals.
Question: Are Korg MIDI Keyboards iOS compatible?
Yes, all Korg MIDI keyboards are iOS compatible and can connect via a Lightning to a USB adapter or camera connection kit, or in the case of the Nanokey Studio, it can connect to your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth.