Korg MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

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About Korg MIDI Keyboards

Korg MIDI keyboards are loved for their compact size and simplicity. Geared towards travelling keyboard players, Korg MIDIs feature an ergonomic design with MINI keys. This makes them a no-nonsense option for those working with a minimal amount of space. They are also great for musicians who need a keyboard that can travel with them. Korg MIDI keyboards also feature Bluetooth MIDI which allows for wireless connection to your computer or iOS device.


Why Should I Choose a Korg MIDI Keyboard?

  • Compact and easy to travel with
  • Simple design that's reliable
  • Wireless MIDI via Bluetooth

Frequently Asked Questions about Korg MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Question: How many keys do Korg MIDI keyboards have?
Korg MIDI keyboards are available in 25, 37, 49 and 61 key models.
Question: Do Korg MIDI keyboards come with software?
Yes, Korg MIDI keyboards come bundled with a selection of software to get you playing right away.
Question: Can I use a Korg MIDI keyboard with my iPad?
Yes, Korg MIDI keyboards feature Bluetooth MIDI. This makes them easy to wirelessly connect to your iPad or iPhone.