Jamie Humphries Live Interview and Q&A

Published on 11 September 2017

Our Mesa Boogie demo events with the one and only Jamie Humphries may be over but we're still absolutely buzzing from them! We loved hearing him chat about the brand's incredible line up of amps and we were seriously impressed after watching him play. With so much experience, it's hardly surprising that Jamie knows his stuff, but we were still blown away by his Mesa knowledge!

From our Glasgow HQ to Jamie’s studio in Stockholm, we spent a very enjoyable few hours discussing a wide range of topics! From Jamie’s varied and diverse career as a transcriber, session man du jour and top-class teacher to his endorsements with Mesa/Boogie and Ernie Ball Music Man, Jamie tells - and shows, with some jaw dropping instrumental performances - just why he is a man in such demand! We even had time to learn some great tips on how to carve out your own unique niche as a musician in today’s ever-changing playing field. Here then is the permanent record of our afternoon chat live stream. 

Jamie candidly shares his wisdom and advice on achieving great tone, analog vs digital, Star Wars, being on tour and lots of other great subjects! If you missed the live stream, please enjoy this video! If you watched it live, thanks! Watch it again, there’s so much info on here to take in, we think it’ll be well worth a re-watch!

*Audio quality may dip and dive in places due to live broadcasting bandwidth connectivity.

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