G3 Return in 2024! Original Lineup!

Published on 14 September 2023


Guitar fans, all of your shred dreams have just come true…

Remember G3, the shred super-tour from the mid-90s, led by fretboard wizard Joe Satriani?

Well, it’s coming back next year! Not only that, they’ve only gone and secured the original three stars too! 

Yes, as well as Satch, next year’s G3 tour will feature Steve Vai and Eric Johnson! Sacre Bleu! How often do we get the chance to see this much guitar talent in our venue, on the same bill? It’s exciting stuff, and whilst this first announcement only covers the USA, we wouldn’t be surprised if messrs Satch, Vai and Johnson decided to keep the party going over here and in Europe, too! 

We’ll see, but it’s great news for the guitar world in general, and shred fans in particular! Seeing three wonderful artists at the top of their game is a privilege for all guitar fans, so let’s hope we get a shot some time next year!


In the meantime, feed your excitement with these exclusive interviews with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai!


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