Schecter Omen Extreme-6 FR See-Thru Black

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Overall Rating 4 (1 reviews)

The guitar plays wonderfully, as do most of the Schecters I have ever played. They seem to come out of the factory with a well adjusted set up, and most of them are robust enough to survive shipping with the neck relief and intonation intact. Something about the body shape suits me, and the maple neck profile and jumbo frets are a joy. I was less sure of the tremolo system (Floyd Rose), which I have never used before. It certainly keeps the strings in tune, but it did require some minor adjustment at home, and I am not looking forward to changing the strings! The mahogany two piece body is finished in a conservative grey, but the quilted maple top gives a nice laid back shimmer. The main weakness with this guitar is the pickups, and the coil tap gives little relief. The bumhuggers are thick and mushy, and when coil tapped they don't gain any real sparkle, just sounding slightly thinner and less loud. At some point I will upgrade the pickups, but I would guess that if all you need is out and out DJENT you should be sorted.

Stewart R. - 10/5/2018