Vox Adio Air GT

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Vox Adio Air GT

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Manufacturer's ID: ADIO-AIR-GT

Adio represents a new style in modeling amps from VOX with cutting-edge looks that boldly feature VOX's traditional diamond grille cloth. Rich sound is delivered by a 50W power amp and two 3” stereo speakers and realistic amp models powered by the latest modeling technology. Additionally, the Adio includes free Tone Room software that lets your Adio evolve as freely as your inspiration.


  • Powerful 50W high-output amp.
  • 2 x 3” speakers for true stereo sound.
  • Proprietary chassis design ensures powerful and clear sound.
  • Sophisticated slant-body design.
  • Eight hours of continuous operation using eight AA batteries.
  • Lightweight design of only 2.9 kg / 6.39 lb.
  • VOX's proprietary VET modeling technology perfectly reproduces the response of each amp.
  • A wide range of up to 23 different realistic amp models. (Adio Air GT)
  • Up to 19 types of high-quality effects.
  • Tone Room software takes full advantage of the Adio's capabilities.
  • Bluetooth MIDI support allows parameters to be controlled wirelessly.
  • Delivers excellent, room-filling sound when used as an audio playback device.
  • Bluetooth audio support lets you wirelessly stream your favorite songs.
  • AUX input jack allows convenient jam sessions.
  • Acoustage function generates a virtual “surround-sound” effect.
  • Audio equalizer equipped with a bassilator circuit that generates a rich low-frequency range.
  • Noise reduction when using high-gain sounds.
  • Auto tuner that also supports dropped tunings.
  • USB interface that lets you switch between three different routings.
  • Bundled with JamVOX III.

With the Bluetooth-equipped Adio Air, all controls can be performed wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can edit amp parameters and enjoy extremely high-quality audio streaming from anywhere.
It's a multi-purpose guitar amp and audio speaker that’s equally at home in your living room, on stage, or on the go.

50W amp that outperforms its size
Though it is compact and lightweight, the Adio is equipped with a high-wattage power amp boasting 50W of stereo output. It delivers a startling sense of volume that outperforms other amps in its class. The 2 x 3”stereo speaker system makes for an incredible playing and listening experience. Because it is capable of such high-output, the Adio is equally effective as an at-home practice amp as it is a full-fledged performing amp.

Proprietary chassis design ensures powerful and clear sound
Adio provides both the hard-hitting cabinet resonance of a guitar amp, and the high fidelity of home audio speakers. Thanks to new concepts used in its cabinet structure, the multi-purpose Adio excels in both scenarios. It features a bass reflex structure that delivers a sound density far exceeding the unit's size, and an inner box that emanates the sense of spatiality and depth you expect from stereo speakers. The speakers are contained in a sophisticated slant-body design, creating powerful and high-quality sound that shines for both performance and listening.

A divided cabinet design
To prevent unwanted cabinet resonance, the inner box that secures the speakers is completely separated from the rear cabinet. Additionally, the inner box separates L and R into independent spaces to produce stereo playback with an enhanced sense of spatiality. Rigidity is enhanced by a chassis design that minimizes parallel surfaces, suppressing unwanted vibration that would adversely affect the quality of the sound.

Honeycomb-structure speaker frame
The front grille uses a honeycomb structure that perforates the speaker area with a set of hexagons. This efficiently maintains strength, yet ensures maximum space. The high ratio of openness means that the speaker is not obstructed, allowing the sound to be clear and direct.

Ported design further enhances low-frequency playback
The bass reflex section uses a flair component that creates a smooth widening at the entry and exit of the cabinet’s port. This minimizes unwanted noise and also enhances the bass reflex efficiency to further boost the low-frequency playback.

Unique shape allows for enhanced listening experience
The unique slanted design of the Adio allows you to position it with the speakers pointing diagonally upward so that the output reaches your ears directly even at short distances. This means that you can enjoy always performing or listening in the sweet spot. The chassis is designed to minimize parallel surfaces, delivering a smooth sound that suppresses any internal resonances.

A handle that's integrated with the cabinet
With a recessed slot built into the back of the cabinet, the Adio combines sleek looks with convenient portability.

Battery-powered with eight hours of continuous operation
Lightweight body is only 2.9 kg / 6.39 lb.
In spite of its high output power, the Adio can also operate on batteries. Eight AA batteries allow up to eight hours of continuous operation. At a mere 2.9 kg / 6.39 lb. in weight, the Adio is also highly portable. You can take it with you to enjoy performing or listening anywhere.

VOX's proprietary VET (Virtual Element Technology) modeling technology
The Adio uses VET (Virtual Elements Technology). Instead of simply imitating the output sound of the original amp, VET meticulously models even its components and circuit design. Without relying on the ears of individual engineers, and without being influenced by the condition of a specific amp unit, VET perfectly reproduces the characteristics of the original amp. And it's equipped with a high-performance DSP to ensure high sound quality. In addition, the distortion algorithms on the Adio Air GT have been refined, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate touch response that reflects your finest picking nuances without obscuring them.

Up to 23 types of realistic and wide-ranging amp models (Adio Air GT)
The total of 11 built-in amp models includes VOX's legendary AC30 as well as a variety of high-gain and clean amps. The models have been carefully tuned to take full advantage of the compact Adio's potential, so that all of them are truly usable high-quality amp models. By using the Tone Room software, you can choose from a total of 23 types of amp models. With just this single unit, you can enjoy a variety of amp sounds ranging from classic vintage amps to costly boutique amps.
A full complement of effects is also provided: four modulation-type effects, such as chorus and tremolo (FX1) and four ambience-type effects, such as delay and reverb (FX2), are built in. Appropriately for the Adio with its stereo speakers, it is also equipped with high-quality stereo effects, and you can simultaneously use a total of three effects including noise reduction. As with the amp models, using the Tone Room software lets you choose from a total of 19 types of effect: 11 for FX1 and 8 for FX2.

Via Bluetooth, via USB
Tone Room software draws out the essence of the Adio Tone Room editor/librarian software is provided, which lets you choose from an even richer selection of amp models and effects, and also lets you take advantage of the Adio's full potential by customizing detailed parameters and audio EQ settings. Up to eight customized amps and effects can be saved in the Adio. Tone Room runs on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The Adio Air additionally supports Bluetooth MIDI, so you can control parameters wirelessly, allowing you to effortlessly design your sound using your favorite device.

Via Bluetooth, via AUX
Superb performance as a speaker for listening The Adio performs equally as well as an audio speaker, delivering pure, analog-quality sound. With a high output of 50W, the Adio gives you an extremely clear sound that's well balanced from the low to the high ranges. The Adio Air also supports Bluetooth audio. You can connect it to your computer or smartphone via Bluetooth, and use it to play back your favorite music from either device. Whether for personal enjoyment in your living room or bedroom, for playing background music in a store, or for outdoor use, you can enjoy the ultimate listening experience in a variety of situations that take advantage of this unit's high output power, battery operation, and compact size. Of course, an AUX input jack is also provided. This is a convenient way to enjoy jam sessions while you listen to your favorite songs.

Experience virtual surround with Acoustage
The Adio is equipped with "Acoustage" virtual surround technology. Simply by turning on this function, you can obtain a startlingly wide stereo effect. This function is particularly impressive when used in conjunction with a stereo effect, giving you a guitar amp that lets you feel as though you're on a wide stage, or experience an unmatched surround space as if you're inside a lavish multi-channel audio speaker setup.
* What is Acoustage (Virtual Surround Technology by KORG)?
This is revolutionary virtual surround technology developed by KORG, allowing the creation of a unique personal acoustic space. Using just front stereo speakers, it can produce an unprecedented three-dimensional acoustic experience. It provides the best possible result because it performs an acoustical analysis of the actual playback system, and optimizes various aspects of the system accordingly.

Multiple functions to support the player
Audio equalizer
The unit provides four preset EQ settings for you to select as desired. Additionally, you can use the Tone Room software to make detailed adjustments to each frequency band of the graphic equalizer. Furthermore, you can use Tone Room to make settings for VOX's original "Bassilator" circuit which covers the low-frequency range not reached by the EQ, letting you enjoy ultra-low sounds that you would not expect from a unit of this size. Up to four of the EQ settings you've made can be stored as user settings in Tone Room.

Noise reduction
A noise reduction function is provided to reduce unwanted noise when using high-gain sounds. This can be adjusted in five steps.

Auto tuner that also supports dropped tunings
The Adio also provides a tuning function that's indispensable for guitar playing. The tuner also supports half-down tuning mode.

USB audio interface
Since the Adio is equipped with a USB port, you can connect it to your computer or tablet and use Tone Room software, or use the Adio as a USB audio interface to record and play back your performance. The Tone Room software lets you switch between three types of routing: monaural/stereo recording or re-amp.

JamVOX III modeling software is bundled (Adio Air GT)
Since JamVOX III modeling software is bundled, you can easily enjoy playing guitar on your PC. You can take advantage of the GXT function that lets you cancel or extract/emphasize a specific part from an existing song; you can also use the music player function to play back a loop from a song that you're learning or practicing, and even change its tempo. ASIO drivers are supported, so you can also record and play back via software other than JamVOX III, such as a DAW or guitar amp simulator.

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.8 (18 reviews)

Andrew P. - 23/10/2020

frankie j. - 30/9/2020

Does everything I want it to. and it's meaning that I play guitar way more!

Kirsty M. - 9/9/2020

It does sound quite good for a little amp and is extremely loud when plugging into AC rather than batteries. The initial modelling settings saved offer a decent variety of tones and it is relatively easy to change to your liking. My only gripe is batteries last only about 4-5 hours in even when they are high quality batteries so most of the time it has been spent powered through the supply provided As of this I think next time I'll get a portable amp with an integrated battery meaning I don't have a to change the batteries every few days.

Connor . - 5/7/2020

Superb sound and quality.

Richard H. - 4/6/2020

Great as always, many thanks

Dr J. - 26/5/2020

Brilliant desktop amp everyone needs one

Christer M. - 21/5/2020

I bought this after watching a number of reviews. I wanted something compact, with lots of features, a good sound, and wouldnt annoy the neighbours. The Vox Adio ticks all the boxes. A wide range of authentic amp variations, a decent range of effects. The Chorus, Delay and Reverbs are particularly good. Bluetooth is easy to use. As is the memory facility which allows up to 8 custom sounds to be saved. The Vox tone app is easily downloaded and takes no time to learn to use. I was going to give it 5 stars but knocked one off because the marketing claims its 50w, which it definitely isnt. I didnt buy it for volume but this could mislead some people. In short, i love this wee amp, very impressed with it

James S. - 13/5/2020

Jed F. - 3/5/2020

Kevin L. - 25/4/2020

Nigel W. - 29/2/2020

Great practice amp which I can take away with me when I travel Love the blue tooth capability so I can play backing tracks to practice

Michael W. - 31/1/2020

If you're tired of playing with headphones but can't have a hi volume, this small digital amp is perfect for you. Not very happy about the tremolo effect, but I can survive.

Giovanni O. - 27/3/2019

Got this for playing at low volumes. Great selection of sounds further enhanced by the sofware provided.

David H. - 15/3/2019

Sounds great. Wider range of tones than the THR10. Additional amp models available via the bluetooth app are just as good as the ones from the amp controls directly (not some dodgy second best ones). Remote control of the amp via app is terrific too as means the amp can sit out of the way on a shelf or wherever without being a hassle to control. Bluetooth streaming is great for playing along to backing or following online tutorials via phone. I guess most people will compare this to the THR10. Aside from extra features described above I'd also say it has the edge on tone. Just slightly punchier and better defined overall. Having 4 different clean channels also means it is a bit like having both the THR10 and THR10C.

Ivan P. - 21/2/2019

Nice amp for practice, not for gigging

Dermot K. - 6/2/2019

Great little speaker for home practice.

Robert G. - 18/12/2018

I love it. It has many different sounds and does the job of what I need (a small, practise amp for bedroom/uni halls use) brilliant. Couldn?t ask for a better one. It can get loud but not too loud and can be toned down to lower volumes. The only downside is the price, however it is more than worth the money and if you?re looking for a small, home/bedroom practise amp, look no further this is your perfect amp.

Owain K. - 19/6/2018

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