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Manufacturer's ID: Secret Path

Reverb is evocative of space – a note contains pitch, but reverb contains place.

Without reverb you have no idea where you are. Every note has been played it is what happens between the notes that is special.

The Secret Path is a beautiful pedal – crafted reverbs for Spring and Plate, reminiscent of the heyday of classic amp and studio tones combined with modern day sound quality and reliability.

The Secret Path – a deep, dark, mesmerising ambience with a sublime, brooding, dynamically evolving shimmer.


  • Transparent fully buffered operation at all times.
  • Super high output drive provides excellent interface between guitar and effects pedals/amp.
  • Much reduced cable loss.
  • Consistent guitar volume control operation at all settings.
  • Signal phase integrity.
  • Excellent consistent load for passive Volume pedals.
  • Ultra- low noise circuitry.
  • Tri-coloured LED showing mode of operation.
  • Silent switching.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • Expression Pedal Control

Mode switch:

SPR (red)– An authentic representation of a vintage long tray reverb – boingy and alive!

PLT (blue) - A rich fast building reverb, bright and smooth sounding. Great for bringing out the high end.

The Secret Path (purple) – uses a large hall reverb and lets you get lost in immense soundscapes. Deep, luscious dark and ethereal

Enhanced Mode (pulsating LED) – each pedal setting has an enhanced mode – accesses by pressing and holding the switch until the LED blinks.

  • When set to SPR the enhanced mode feature is Modulation
  • When set to PLT the enhanced mode feature is Modulation
  • When set to TSP mode the enhanced feature is shimmer.

Pre- delay: Adjusts the amount of time between the original dry signal and the effected signal. When using long reverb times this control can be used to make the original dry sound stand out a little more.

Volume Control: Adjusts the overall output of the pedal.

Size Control: Adjusts the size of the space being emulated. Anticlock wise – gives you the smallest selection fully clockwise gives you the biggest space available

Tone control: Used to determine the tonal characteristic of the reverb signal. Fully clockwise is flat with no reduction in the frequency of the reverb signal, lower settings produce darker, warmer reverbs.

Expression Pedal Socket: The Secret Path features a socket to connect an external expression pedal. This allows you to control certain key parameters in REAL TIME.

Connect a suitable expression pedal to the EXP input and you have control over the following parameters depending on the setting of your pedal.

Standard Mode

  • SPR, PLATE & TSP – Expression pedal controls mix

E mode

  • SPR & Plate – Expression Pedal control – Modulation mix
  • TSP - Expression Pedal controls – Shimmer mix