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About PRS S2

The PRS S2 series is a fantastically priced selection of USA made PRS guitars with great looks, feel and playability. This range features redesigned classics from PRS's catalogue like the Custom 22, Custom 24 and the Singlecut. The curves and finishes are simplified to create a collection of understated, utilitarian instruments that keep the integrity and high values of every Maryland-made PRS guitar.

Certain models retain recognised PRS flourishes like the Bird inlays and the figured Maple tops. Other models break from the company's tradition altogether. The Starla is an example of this, with its retro pickups and Bigsby B50 tremolo.

PRS have aimed the S2 range at an entirely different market: gigging guitarists who want function and integrity in a US-made guitar at a reasonable price. These are popular instruments and we keep a large range of them in stock as a result.

Whether you prefer to browse online or visit one of our stores, you can be assured of the best range of PRS S2 guitars available anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions about PRS S2

PRS S2 guitars are arranged into the following sub-ranges: S2 Custom, S2 Standard and S2 Singlecut with the following original design guitar models also available: Mira, Vela and Starla.
There are a few sensible things PRS have done to make their USA-made S2 range a lot more affordable than the Core line. First off, certain hardware parts like the tuners, pickups and bridges are made in Korea. The guitar is then completely made in America, there is no Far Eastern construction involved at all. The woods are still quality tonewoods but of a lesser grade than the premium grade woods used in making Core line PRS guitars. The bodies are slightly thinner than typical PRS designs. They also have simple bevelled edges rather than complex and time consuming carved tops. The necks are three pieces of wood rather than one. All of these points help to bring the cost down without actually diminishing the important areas: playability and sound! Also, the finish is thin and quick to apply so the guitars can be made more quickly, making labour costs cheaper. Finally, the S2 range of guitars come with a gig bag rather than a hard case, saving more money again.
The 'S2' in PRS S2 stands for 'Stevensville 2'. Stevensville is the location in Maryland where PRS guitars are made. PRS are reinforcing the point that these guitars are built on American soil.
Any guitarist who wants a USA-made instrument that is not only a reliable workhorse but an incredible tone machine should be checking out the PRS S2 line. These guitars are simply too good to ignore.