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About Studio Headphones

Studio Headphones come in two over-ear variations, Closed Back and Open Back. Closed Back headphones offer optimum sound isolation. These excel in situations where you want to prevent outside noise creeping in, for example when recording in a live room with loud instruments.

Open Back headphones offer less sound isolation but give the audio room to breath, which in turns makes your music sound larger, natural and more realistic. This characteristic makes Open Back headphones exceptionally good for mixing audio and general playback.

Frequently Asked Questions about Studio Headphones

While your HiFi headphones sound great for listening to produced music, they don't offer a true reproduction of the audio. Things like boosted bass and mid frequencies help make mastered music sound bigger, but this can be detrimental to your recording process. When monitoring or mixing music as part of a production, it is important to have an uncoloured representation of your recording as you may only realise it doesn't actually sound how you want it once listen back on speakers.
Of course, many audiophiles and record collectors use studio headphones when listening to music as they offer the truest representation of the recording.