Roland Acoustic Amps

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About Roland Acoustic Amps

Roland Acoustic Amps are dedicated to performers who want excellent reproduction of both their guitar and voice in a performance situation. Their AC range of combos combine high end stereo tone with light weight construction to provide players with an ideal canvas to paint their sounds onto. As usual, Roland fill these amplifiers with a plethora of extra features that include anti-feedback control and onboard reverb and chorus.

Each amp has separate channels, each with their own EQ stack and FX levels, for both vocals and guitars. Now you can ensure that your live performances sound fantastic and clear without having to face the prospect of bringing large, heavy equipment with you. Acoustic performers are going to want to know about these amps and at guitarguitar, we have these and more constantly in stock for trying and buying.

Why Should I Choose a Roland Acoustic Amp?

  • Versatile and Compact
  • Amazing Sound
  • Roland Build Quality and Design
  • Range of Features

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland Acoustic Amps

Question: How many amps are in the Roland AC range?
The Roland AC range is comprised of the following: AC-90, AC-60, AC-40, AC-33, Mobile AC.
Question: What is that connection in the mic channel?
That is an XLR input, which is a very low noise connection for microphones. Using an XLR cables between your mic and your amp allows a high signal level to come through with a low noise floor.
Question: Which amp is best for paying small gigs with?
We suppose it depend so whether there is PA availabel at the venue or not. We'd always say that having more power means more volume if you need it and more headroom for a clean sound at high volumes so we'll recommend the AC-90.
Question: Which of the AC range are battery powered?
The Roland AC-33 and the Mobile AC can both run on batteries.