Yamaha Digital Pianos

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About Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha digital pianos take the company's wealth of knowledge learned from over 100 years of crafting pianos and uses it to create some of the most beautiful looking, feeling and sounding digital pianos available on the market today.

Featuring 88 full size keys, Yamaha digital pianos utilize their Graded Hammer technology which gives the keys a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, similar to the hammers inside an acoustic piano to offer an extremely realistic feeling weighted key bed.

To optimise the realism of their digital pianos, Yamaha also use an intricate sampling process to sample various acoustic upright and grand pianos, as well as the other available sounds, which includes electric piano, harpsichord, vibraphone, organs and orchestral strings. guitarguitar proudly stock a wide range of Yamaha musical instruments and are confident that we will have the right piano for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yamaha Digital Pianos

Question: Who plays Yamaha digital pianos?
Michael Bublé, Hiromi, Elton John, Alicia Keys and Brian Wilson have all played Yamaha digital pianos.
Question: Are Yamaha digital pianos suitable for use in schools and houses of worship?
Absolutely, due to their robust construction and impeccable quality, Yamaha instruments have been a standard in schools for decades. Their high quality selection of sounds also makes them ideal for use in churches and recording studios.
Question: How do they get the piano sounds in the digital piano?
Yamaha use a highly sophisticated studio involving robots and machinery to precisely play each note of a piano at different velocities/volumes, it is imperative for each key to be played consistently with the previous key. This process is recorded to computer at an extremely high quality using multiple studio microphones. The recordings of each key is then mixed and mapped to the corresponding key of the digital piano so as you play at different velocities, the digital piano sounds virtually identical if not better than the acoustic piano the recording was made of.