A Closer Look: Strandberg

Published on 06 November 2020

Have you tried a Strandberg guitar yet?

The innovative Swedish brand has been causing a real sensation amongst guitarists over the last few years, with more and more serious payers understanding the benefits to be had by using this highly engineered, contemporary instruments.

It’s clear from a casual glance that these are not retro or vintage-tinged guitars. Strandberg are for cutting edge players: people who create music that faces forward and belongs in the now- and in the future.

All Strandberg guitars are headless. They all feature a super ergonomic body that’s sculpted to be as useful and comfortable as possible. Most significantly, they offer fanned frets across a multiscale neck that is shaped in a most unorthodox manner. Yes, the Endurneck, invented by company founder Ola Strandberg, takes relatively sharp angles and asymmetry to the profile of the neck, resulting in a shape that actually follows the natural movement of your hand as it climbs the neck. Your left-hand position will always be positioned perfectly for the best fret access and least pain. This means that extended periods of playing are made easier and more comfortable than ever. Great news!

So, these features are true of all Strandberg guitars. In addition, each Strandberg guitar has aerospace-grade, custom-made hardware and highly precise levels of build quality to ensure a playing experience like no other.

Strandberg make a wide range of guitar models, but in this blog we'll be focusing on a few of our favourites!

Let's take a closer look... 

Standard 8 Maple Flame Blue

Eight strings and headless, what more could you want?

The Standard 8 Maple Flame Blue's body.  consists of solid American Basswood with quarter-inch Maple top capped with either Flame or Quilted Maple for a balanced and punchy tone that is superbly complemented by the roasted Maple neck and fretboard.  One of the classic wood combinations espoused by top custom guitar builders and world class artists alike, Basswood/Maple body and Maple neck/fretboard combo provides the ideal balance between warmth with full-bodied richness and strong high-midrange with sweet singing treble.

Boden Neck-Thru 6 Tremolo Orange 

Boden Neck-Thru on this axe is a state-of-the-art evolution that will take your playing and music to new realms of musical creativity. The vaunted ergonomic features are further expanded and refined to provide unfettered access to the high registered of the fretboard, allowing you to explore new techniques and sounds with incredible comfort and ease.

The neck-thru-body design and construction facilitates unparalleled playability in the upper register of the fretboard while providing a unique punchy tone with improved sustain. Light weight and superbly balanced for hours of playing comfort, the extended EndurNeck profile across the entire length of the neck means the benefits of the design is maximized to further enhance your playing. Visually, the instrument is strikingly sleek and refined with an ideal balance between forward-thinking innovation and time-tested traditional. 

Boden 7 Sarah Longfield

Firstly, how awesome does this look?

The Boden 7 Sarah Longfield signature model features a chambered American Basswood body with a quarter-inch Maple top and Roasted Maple neck with Ebony fretboard for strong focused lows, rich mids and brilliant highs. Besides all of the base features of the Metal model, the Sarah Longfield Edition features Sarah’s unique and visually striking Black Doppler finish. Creatively and spontaneously conceived by Sarah, the finishing process requires painstakingly detailed workmanship from the application of the artwork decal to the final gloss finish and buffing.

Final Thoughts

These are but a few of the models we currently have in stock: there are many options and finishes to suits the needs and tastes of most players. Retro purists may have reservations about such stark modernity, but we recommend spending some time with one and critically evaluating your playing as you test the guitar. It’s amazing what these can do for your technique, and there’s an entirely separate headspace available to you too, with none of the cultural baggage that comes with classic electric guitar designs.

Try a Strandberg and see what it does for your playing, your writing and your imagination.

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