BOSS RC-3 Loop Station

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Overall Rating 4.9 (48 reviews)

Love the unit. Love the unit Just love the unit!!!

David L. - 10/7/2020

First loop pedal for my son and he can?t stop playing with it! Excellent product

Tony H. - 25/6/2020

Ross T. - 3/6/2020

Andrew . - 29/5/2020

Great piece of kit that has opened up new creative opportunities. As with all Boss pedals, this thing is made to last.

John . - 27/5/2020

Brilliant piece of kit. Works well!

Martin D. - 22/5/2020

Great bit of kit for practicing and writing songs at home. Takes a bit of getting used to initially, but has pretty much endless possibilities.

NICK S. - 21/5/2020

Looks like a great product but still to work through all the instructions to get the most out of it.

FIONA C. - 29/4/2020

great little Looper and easier to use than the RC30 I had previously borrowed from a friend.

Phillip B. - 21/8/2019

Brian B. - 17/8/2019

Ordered for my brothers birthday, he is very pleased with the product

Erik S. - 3/4/2019

Billy . - 15/3/2019

Really neat piece of kit, easy to use and robustly made.

Claire F. - 8/11/2018

John M. - 3/10/2018

Dik M. - 24/7/2018

Gordon D. - 27/5/2018

Works well and does the job

jack s. - 11/4/2018

Fantastic product Just what I was lookingvgor

Susan R. - 10/3/2018

This was easy to use , great features and super sturdy.

Yiannis P. - 1/3/2018

Amazing pice of kit. Loads of features

Richard R. - 28/2/2018

Excellent piece of kit that does exactly what I needed.

Adam Q. - 27/2/2018

Thought for a while to get a looper. Pleased I did. Timing the start of recording took some getting used to but once I used it a few times cracked it. Great sound and features, makes me play better as the playback highlights any mistakes, but easy to delete and start again then save for future.

Alan G. - 11/2/2018

Excellent bit of kit - check out the youtube how to's FIRST

Mark G. - 11/1/2018

It's a gift so I do not know.

Tracey J. - 22/12/2017

Excellent product - Does exactly what I need, without being too complicated to use. Fantastic, bang-on quantising.

Neil K. - 4/10/2017

Very cool pedal is definitely an essential to have if your a guitarist

Rachel M. - 4/6/2017

Fit for the purpose for which it was bought

Jennifer . - 14/5/2017

Having trouble with noise pickup on my pedalboard. RC-3 works well off the pedalboard.

Mike S. - 22/4/2017

Definite product at this (or much higher) price

M.. - 11/2/2016

Cool. All cool.

A.O. - 8/10/2015

Easy to pick up and use. Great price too.

K.G. - 8/10/2015

Present for my partner who has found it to be very good.

F.W. - 22/5/2015

Just what you would want from a loop pedal. Easy to use. Lots of fun.

C.T. - 20/5/2015

can't put it down!!

C.P. - 20/5/2015

Brilliant product, easy to use and sounds clean and precise

P.B. - 22/1/2015

Does Everything it says it will

W.H. - 3/12/2014

I love it. Had read the reviews and it really is as good as they say. Even Tactic ing scales becomes a pleasure because you always have a musical context for whatever you play. Brilliant.

D.A. - 19/8/2014

First time using a loop pedal. Have found it really useful for practice sessions and expanding my abilities.

S.J. - 22/7/2014

as described

P.P. - 22/5/2014

The Boss Pedal is great fun to work with and is helping to improve my guitar playing. Wish i had bought one sooner !

M.S. - 14/1/2014

The pedal was a present for spouse and he loves it! Found it easy to use and has had hours of fun with it.

C.E. - 14/1/2014

knowledgeable and helpful and friendly

R.M. - 6/11/2013


D.M. - 2/10/2013

Helpful, knowledgeable staff. Great range of products. Only down side is they don't accept trade ins for amplifiers.

R.G. - 13/8/2013

Love my pedal, best thing I've bought since my guitar! Great

J.W. - 9/4/2013

I've always had a positive experience with GuitarGuitar orders, very efficient.

K.L. - 15/1/2013

Still experimenting with the products but so far, so good

C.U. - 2/11/2012

Haven't really got round to exploring its full potential yet!

M.W. - 28/3/2012

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