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The Pickup Booster allows you boost your signal without altering the character of your sound while also allowing you to access different pickup tones with the flip of the Resonance Switch. With its class A, low-noise circuit design the Pickup Booster is exceptional at emphasizing a guitar's natural tone while adding some muscle and fatness. It's extremely transparent, adds clarity and has several new improvements that build even further on the original's success. The Gain control can now be turned down to unity (0dB). We also added a discrete push-pull output stage that gives you increased drive capability. So even with the Gain knob down at 0dB and a long cable length, your signal chain will sound cleaner.


The Resonance Switch makes the pedal interact directly with your pickups, allowing those with single-coils to flip a switch for a vintage humbucker sound that's perfect for classic rock or blues. With another flip of the switch you can get a high-output humbucker tone for rip roaring solos or for blasting gain out of a tube amp. You can use the Pickup Booster for a clean, buffered boost with more headroom or you can fatten up a humbucker for maximum saturation and sustain. Like the Dirty Deed, Vapor Trail and 805 Overdrive, each Pickup Booster is assembled in Santa Barbara, California and is True-Bypass.
Clean, buffered boost This setting will give a transparent boost to your signal to drive the rest of your pedal board with greater signal headroom and no loss of high-end, or use at the end of your pedal chain to drive long cable runs back to your amp.
Fattened Strat: Setting the Resonance Switch to the "1" position will shift the resonant peak of a single-coil pickup down, thickening up your tone. Putting the Gain control up to the 12 o'clock position will let you drive the front-end of the amp for more grit. This setting really lets the intensity of your playing come through, staying clean until you dig in and bring out the sweet harmonics of your amp.
Maximum Beef: This setting, with the Resonance Switch on "2" and the Gain control all the way up, gives a single-coil the fatness of a high-output humbucker along with the full push of your amp's preamp stage, resulting in a meaty, saturated tone. Great for beefing up your solos!
Fattened Humbucker: This setting, with the Resonance Switch on "0" and the Gain control all the way up, gives maximum saturation and sustain to a humbucker.
  • Type of circuitry: Fully discrete, Class A
  • Gain range: 0 to 25 dB
  • Bypass: True bypass
  • Pickup Resonance Switch: Makes a single coil pickup sound like a vintage humbucker ("1") or high output humbucker ("2").
  • Frequency Response: -3dB at 30Hz and 38 kHz
  • Distortion: < 0.02% at 200mV RMS output
  • Noise: -120 dBV (referred to input with gain set at 25dB)
  • Input impedance: 250K Ohms (when effect is "on")
  • Output impedance: 150 Ohms
  • Power: 9V battery or external 9 to 18V Regulated DC Adapter (center negative)
  • Current consumption: 4.5mA @ 9V (when LED is "on"), 3mA @ 9V (when LED is "off"). Currents at 18V are 11mA and 8mA, respectively.
  • Dimensions: 2.61" X 4.90" X 1.45"
  • Weight: 0.8lb. without battery
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Customer reviews

Overall Rating 5 (3 reviews)

Superb pedal - everyone playing single coil should get one

PHILIP B. - 30/11/2017

Great product along the line of of the TC Electronic Spark Booster.

G.. - 22/2/2016

A great boost pedal but much more. I have a Strat and solos really ring out. Would highly recommend.

P.M. - 23/5/2015

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