Offers: Yamaha Roadtest

Published on 13 February 2020

When you're gigging, there's nothing more crucial than a solid PA system that you know you can count on. It doesn't matter if your band is sounding great if the sound isn't right and unfortunately, despite so much amazing gear on the market, we still run into dodgy sounding venue setups all too often. So, we reckon that whether you're a venue owner or a gigging musician, it's time to take the power into your own hands. We have a wealth of fantastic options and we're always keen to have you guys spend time trying them out for yourself. Not only do we have dedicated rooms where you can test out a few different speaker setups, Yamaha are now giving you the chance to take one home to experience in your home or gigging setting!

The Details

Right now, Yamaha are doing things a little differently and allowing you to really experience what your PA setup can do. Through their Roadtest offer, you can book a DZR + DXS system to try out without feeling rushed. It's really beneficial to hear a new set of speakers in the setting they're going to be used so we're over the moon to be able to let you do just that. Simply call or email the store for more details or to get yourself booked up now.

To book your Roadtest call us on 0141 552 3402 or email today.

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